Euro MCF - Selected Priority Delivery but order created as Standard Delivery


I’ve recently noticed an issue with delivery speed on Multi Channel orders - wondered if anyone else has had the same thing happen? I thought I had misclicked when it happened last time, but I double checked and there is definitely an issue here.

I set up the order and clicked ‘Priority Delivery’ (same day ship date, 3 day estimate):

The order has gone through as ‘Standard Shipping’ (next day ship date, 10 day estimate):

Has anyone else encountered this issue?


I have never experienced this happening. Were you actually charged for the Priority Delivery or Standard Delivery?


It was charged and dispatched as Standard Delivery.


I got one sending from UK to EU (FBA MFN), exactly same thing happened. Although, when I clicking around the radio button group trying to find the price difference, there is no difference, the price is same. I guess maybe the faster service having difficulties to guarantee a service level therefore only standard is “realistic”…


Maybe Amazon was unable to fulfill the order using your preferred shipping method.


There was a 90p price difference in this case, which is why I decided to upgrade the order in both cases (buyer paid for standard shipping). So at least for this product it hasn’t caused a major issue, and I know to fulfil any expedited orders myself in future.

I haven’t had the issue in UK orders - anything chosen as Express Delivery has been sent as such; although the last parcel disappeared into the abyss after being picked up by Hermes, leading to a week of back and forth in which SS demanded endless minor details to confirm both the identity of the buyer and the non-arrival of the parcel. They then had the cheek to reimburse me £5 odd on a £69 item, so more back and forth to get that re-evaluated.


Today’s order hasn’t been fulfilled yet, but it dropped back to Standard shipping immediately upon placing the order. The other one from last week had the same issue, I just assumed at the time that it was my mistake.


Order 2 dispatched just before midnight - standard shipping (billed £6.03).

Just had a third order - same product going to Italy again.

I selected Standard Shipping on the MCF creation page, and the order has been created with Expedited Shipping. Will see tomorrow if it gets billed at £6.03 or £6.93 and if the courier changes.

It appears the radio buttons on the MCF creation page have been labelled backwards.

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