Free EORI and VAT registration in the UK/EU using VAT services on Amazon


Starting January 1, 2021, there will be a customs border between the UK and the EU that will affect businesses working across the border. You will need to obtain both UK and EU EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) numbers to move inventory into or out of the UK and the EU countries from January 1, 2021. A single EU EORI number will be sufficient for all EU countries.

As part of our commitment to support your business in the UK and the EU, we are offering a free one-year subscription to VAT services on Amazon. The VAT compliance solution allows you to manage your European VAT registration and filing obligations through a third-party tax service provider. VAT services on Amazon can handle your registration in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic. You can also obtain both UK and EU EORI numbers free of charge*.

Start now to benefit from this service.

*Free EORI service is provided by your tax service provider. Your tax service provider will also determine the appropriate country in the EU to apply for an EU EORI number.


I have asked the tax provider from Amazon about obtaining an EORI but they said they do not offer this service…


It looks its a new thing as I was searching through amazon in December and there was no info about it. Interesting to see if anyone start the registration process.

And is my EORI number different to EU EORI ?


I have asked VAT Services on Amazon but they said they won’t do it. Here Amazon claims they do, bit strange…

I am assuming your EORI starts with GB which you were able to use for all of EU. but now you will need a separate one for EU.


actually my one is IE cause Im in Ireland and since Ireland its still in EU should be ok to use within EU?


yea I am guessing you are gonna be ok, check with the tax advisor just in case.


Where in settings can you add your EORI number which i got from the website ?


Get an EORI number - GOV.UK (


Nothing is free of charge on amzn for sellers - only buyers get things free of charge !! (items ordered)


they said the first year is free :smile:

But its better to have all in one place than search for a different acc for each country


If you are registered for VAT you can just request this through HMRC, I think that is what I did, but did it a long time ago. It does not cost, you have to wait for it, takes a few weeks, probably busy right now.

I did have to file an EC Sales list, but I assume this may stop after 31st December.

If you use the VAT registered form, you should get the number in 3 working days.


What if I’m not VAT registered. And is the EORI all I need to ship items via pan europe?


Check the government website link I linked above, on the bottom of that page there is a list of everything you need (Before you apply) then an apply button at the bottom of the page. I am not certain you need all of the information (Or to be registered for VAT specifically, I was previous to apply for the EORI number) but I know some things like companies house register stuff, I do not have, so obviously didnt need those.

Sorry I could not be more help, but hope I have put you in the right direction, you can always read the government page, then start to apply for an EORI if you do infact need one, then I am sure you will find out if you have enough documents or not.


thanks very much, I will take a read


You don’t need to be vat registered to get an EORI and it’s free anyway so Amazon aren’t offering anything magical! Just follow links above


I got the same email and applied. I got a follow up email a week or so ago saying they had applied for a French EORI, as they are currently providing them the quickest (of the countries in which I have a VAT number anyway!)…and that “quickness” is about 6 weeks, which seems pretty slow to me! i have a GB one already…and that was super quick and very easy to get (though to be fair was over a year ago when I started exporting to US…so was before the current Brexit Rush)


Your GB EORI number (which is your GB VAT number with some additional digits) will no longer be sufficient in Europe. If you are enrolled in PAN EU, you will need an EU EORI to be able to send goods to the EU. This is what amazon is advertising.

I got an invitation to do this around early December, with some links for a call back (similar to the PAN EU offer of 2019). I decided to use my current accountants as they were one of the partners and I’ve only just received my EORI today.

I believe if you have IE VAT, you can get your Irish EORI and not have to get another EU from any EU member state.


Are you VAT registered? As I’m looking for some information for Non Vat registered.


I registered for this service but was rejected because I haven’t got a VAT certificate to upload ? I thought that was was the point of registering to get a Vat #
like most things here Its very Confusing


I used Amazon Vat Services to register for VAT numbers in DE, PL, CZ, FR, IT early last year.
was already UK registered, had a UK EORI before I had my UK VAT number, so they are different.

To import/export in the EU you only need one EORI from an any of the member’s countries and that is good for the whole of Europe.

With the help of Google translate I contacted the DE tax office (because I guessed they were likely to have more English speakers if I had trouble) and they have provided me with a DE EORI number for free. (took me a few weeks and they posted a security letter to my address as part of the process)
I figure all the countries provide EORI numbers free to VAT registered companies, and the information on how to apply is generally on their respective tax office web site.