Help! New Seller - Wrong images displayed by Amazon, can't make sales!


I created my listings and uploaded the right images only to discover when my good arrived that Amazon had replaced my images with a set of completely different ones. When I called them they removed the images but the next day, more non-related images were displayed. I don’t have an option to change it and a message displayed says “When multiple sellers sell the same product through a single detail page, we combine and present the best product data to ensure customers get the best experience.” It also says “These Images are currently being used by Amazon as part of this product listing”. But my uploaded images are not used. Please help, I cannot make sales yet my listing is live!


Is it your branded listing or are others selling on it?


I got one changed this week after unsuccessfully using the edit function in manage Inventory I used the " Report incorrect product information" on the listing page,the image changed to my uploaded images within a day.There was one other seller on the listing.


I am an ordinary seller not branded. Can you please explain what you mean by others selling on it?


Thank you for sharing this. Please how did you do this? I have tried using “Request a product detail page change” - “Remove image” but each time I have to select images to remove, the wrong images do not appear, only my original ones appear.
What does it mean to have another seller on a listing? Please explain.


That is good to know ! - I have never yet been aware of them correcting anything when I have used that ‘Report incorrect information’ link.


Multiple sellers can sell the same item on Amazon. If you check under the buy box there should be a box saying something like “New and used from these sellers” and you can click through to find more sellers on the listing selling at different prices / with shipping fees etc.

If you are selling a generic item then it is very likely there are multiple sellers on the listing. If you have your own branded product on a listing you have created yourself, then you should be the only seller.


Amazon is a catalogue system, so all sellers who are selling the EXACT same item will appear on the same page of listing offers.
Does your item have a barcode (UPC/EAN) ? - if so you must search and add yours to that page.


As mentioned this is just part and parcel with Amazon.

Sometimes if your photo is better they will use that but I have no idea how it works, most of the time it uses another photo, but it should be of the EXACT same item that you are selling, same Ean/barcode, same brand, with the same packaging, same accessories, it would be identical in every way and shouldn’t affect your sales.

What is probably affecting your sales is that you are a new seller and not eligible for the buy box for a period of time and another seller probably has the buybox cause he/she is cheaper, a seller for longer, better feedback, quicker delivery time or their name was just picked out of the hat (no-one knows exactly what makes one seller get the buy box over another)

This comment makes me think you are really new and have no idea what you are doing - I would highly suggest you have a read at the seller university before you get yourself in some sort of trouble for breaking rules you don’t realise you exist (ignorance is not innocence)


Oh I get it now. This is probably why it seems like I don’t have control over the images. But then the images used doesn’t reflect the product listing


I am completely new. Will do thanks.


Thanks. I did that when I listed the product. But now the images displayed on the product is different from what I uploaded and can’t see an option to change it.


Can you share the ASIN?


Yes, here it is: B07MLJL3ZX


So it is your brand, are you brand registered? How did you create it, is it barcoded?


As Sequin said, this is a branded listing. You have your own brand ‘Delights’ and as far as I can see, you’re the only seller on the listing. You should be able to control the images used on that listing.


Yes, but brand is not registered


That listing was created on Jan 2019 but you’re a new seller, how did you create it?


All these questions sound foreign to me. I know I created the listing without any problems. I purchased my barcode from GS1 and I created the listing just last month. How it shows 2019 is a mystery. I viewed the listing after creation and it was fine. But as soon as the product arrived at FBA I checked again and discovered this error.
I have contacted Amazon but it still hasn’t been resolved. I hope to find a solution to this so the listing can get sales.


Searching the ASIN on google brings up some links to products with the image - with a product that matches the image - if I click on it though it takes me through to your listing. So it seems to me that the ASIN is the problem - that you have somehow used an ASIN that is linked to an old listing and because of that Amazon is using the old established image that is linked to that ASIN.

Sorry I don’t know enough about ASINs to suggest a way forward.