How can I get rid of the Order Defect rate warning which was caused by Feedback which Amazon have just removed as not within their policy?


Hi everyone, Amazon have just removed a negative feedback for me as they agreed was not within the policy. Customer gave negative as item has not arrived, but it is still within the dates for delivery so Amazon kindly removed.
Now how do I get rid of the yellow triangle please? which states I’m at risk of de-activation as I have gone over my 1% allowance purely because of this one feedback which is now removed ?
Many thanks


It will be removed automatically as soon as your metrics are updated, can take a few days. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much. :slight_smile: that’s helpful to know.
Had I not followed it up, would they actually have deactivated us in that country ?


Unlikely for 1 feedback, but if any additional complaints had come in, yes that would have made the difference.


Hello @Christie_s_Market_Pl,

Since your feedback has been recently removed, once your metrics are refreshed the yellow banner will be removed automatically.

We appreciate your cooperation thoroughly.

Best regards,


Thank you this is helpful