How can I track Amazon competitors daily sales/stock volume?


I found a chrome extension (AMZScout Stock Stats) that gives you the exact stock volume for a product on Amazon.
I found a website (Sellics) that tracks your competitors exact daily sales but it is not free.
If these tools can do that so there must be a way for me to perform that.

So, how can I track competitors daily sales/stock volume by myself without using another tool?
I know that I can put an item in the cart and try buying 999 items to see the stock level, but I need an automatic process to do that.
Maybe can I do that by creating a python scraper?

Maybe can I do that by creating a chrome extension?

Or can I do that by MWS o associates amazon API? I searched for this option but I was not able to find a solution.



I think that this is the purpose of the paid tools, to effortlessly provide you automated results.

If you don’t want to subscribe for any software, you will need to develope one yourself.


Hi Kika,
thanks for your answer.

Yes, I’m a developer and I want to develop a tool that does that.
But I need to know how the paid tools get this informations about sales/stock volume.
I don’t think they do the 999 items trick.


Jungle scout gives you part of that information for free. ie. compares ranking to number of sales. But it certainly not seller specific at all.


Thank you @Neil,
I already use Jungle Scout but it’s not enough for my needs.


It sounds like you need to do a lot more research and ask on a different forum (this is a sellers forum) and the majority of us would not want our product stock levels or certain (seller specific) info to be that visible or available!

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