How Do You Know What Happens To FBA Returns and Refunds?


When a customer is given a refund for an FBA sale how do you know what happens to the product e.g. did it get returned to Amazon? If it did, did it go back into stock or something else? Is there somewhere to track it?



Usually, the refund for return is issued on “first scan”. Most returns are either Royal Mail or EVRI. Once the first scan is seen (and refund issued) it is then a case of how long it takes to be received and processed by the receiving FC. In our experience, returns like this are usually around 2 - 3 weeks and they usually go back into stock. However, as a matter of principle, any returns that we are notified about, we request removal so we can check them ourselves. If they are ok, they get sent back to FBA. If they are not, then we take it up with Amazon.


“any returns that we are notified about, we request removal so we can check them ourselves”

How do you do this please?


Once the item has been processed as a return it will show up as either a) inactive b) in stock or c) stranded.
All I do is keep an eye on the return process and once either b or c appears, I simply create a return and get the item sent back. In truth, we get very few returns so it is quite an easy process for us.


I would suggest that you use some software to monitor this kind of thing.
Over a certain level of sales it becomes totally impractical to monitor manually.
And it’s not unusual for Amazon to actually owe you money, for goods lost or never actually returned.

As to the returns themselves, I find that in the main, they simply go back into stock.
But a lot will depend on exactly what it is that you are selling.

You can manually track the returns using the various inventory reports.


Just checked and the last return we had was August 1st, 2021 so it is very easy for me to monitor :smiley: It’s good to know that there is software available though, for those that might have a high level of returns?


Plenty you can use. Things like Sellerboard include that kind of thing. Though it’s more about making sure you have paid, than actually checking individual returns.
A lot of software will include that kind of thing as a bonus. So it really depends on what it is you want.

I don’t have a very high rate of returns, but individually, they add up. So it’s just not practical to check them manually. For example, last month I had about 11500 orders, but had 170 returns.
Pretty small percentage wise, but to chase 170 is impractical. :slight_smile: At least not without a lot more time on my hands anyway.


Sorry for being a total numpty, where do you go to look to see if it has been processed as a return? I’ve got an email from Amazon to say that it has been refunded back to the customer, but not sure where to go from there?


You should be able to see any returns in the Manage Returns link in the Orders tab


The same Orders > Manage Returns that you would use for merchant fulfilled orders? If so, when I input the FBA order number there’s nothing there. Or is there a different one somewhere for FBA orders?


OK, so I’ve found an FBA customer returns report which shows what has happened to a return. In both instances on the report the returns are because the product is faulty, however, it is showing that Amazon have returned them to inventory. However, I don’t see an option to ask for the item to be sent back to me. Attached is a screenshot of what I am seeing. Can anyone help please?


Go to manage inventory and click on the link for Remove Unfulfillable Inventory
It’s one of the blue links across the top of the page