How to Change the prep requirement



We have an item listed initially as prep required.
Now we are sourcing the product prepped (wrapped in bubble wrap and manufacturer barcode printed).

When we try to send the stock to FBA via send/replenish inventory it still says prep required. I couldn’t find the place to change the setting.

Can anyone who has already changed the setting help me?



Some items just aren’t available for manu. barcode. Is the barcode on the outside of the bubble wrap?

If it is, it’ll say this on the shipment page:

You could delete the SKU and re-list it, you’ll have to use a slightly different SKU & change the settings of the SKU. No guarantee it’ll work as some products just have to have a FNSKU.


You can change the prep category if needed.
Though frankly, if it’s better than what is actually required by Amazon, then it’s not really an issue.

To change it, from the shipping plan on the detail line of the product.
Click on the packing details and where it says “create new packing template” choose that.


It will give you the below.


On the bottom left, you can see where it highlights “No prep needed”. Click on that and you will then have the options to change the prep category and if applicable, change to commingled.


Thanks @NEil

Unfortunately “No prep needed” is not available.


Thanks @HOSupplies.

I’ll try creating a new SKU


I’m really not sure what your concerned about here.
Prep required, just means that you need to prep the item prior to sending it to Amazon.
So all that’s changing, is that your manufacturer is prepping it for you. It will still need that prep, before going into Amazon.

So why do you want to change it?


Thanks Neil,

The issue is when Prep category is not “No prep needed” we have to use the SKU labels.

If the prep category is no prep needed we can use the manufacturer barcode. In that case we don’t have to do any labelling.


Ok, that’s not the prep category. It’s the fact that you want to use Comingled.
I think it was already said, but not every category allows you to use commingled.
In the same place, if you are able to use it, then there will be an option to convert to manufacturers barcode. If it is not there, then you simply can’t do so.


Thanks @NEil for the quick response.

The item is giving the option to convert to manufacturers barcode but still wants to label with SKU.
( I created a new listing with Manufacturer barcode)


If you created a new one, that already has manufacturers barcode, then you just need to remove the old one.

So do you now have two SKU’s for the same ASIN?


Might it be, not entirely sure but because you’ve said it needs prep, it might think you’re covering the manu. barcode & in theory, for most of us, any prep does. So you’ve said you’ll do the prep which means it’ll cover the product’s original manu. barcode so an FNSKU is needed.

Can you do this but add the FNSKU not the manu. barcode?


Thanks @HOSupplies

Thats is going to be the last resort. We are sending the product to other distributors as well. So easiest would be to use the manufacturer barcode.


Yes. At the moment we have 2 SKUs with the same ASIN.

1st one with few more stock left so we can’t remove it yet.

The 2nd one just created with the manufacturer barcode but still require labelling. This one doesn’t add any value if I have to do the labelling.


Ok, so you probably haven’t created it with manufacturer barcode.
Can’t remember the default now, but think it is to create with FNSKU labels, so that’s probably what’s happened.

Just use the option on the screen print above, to convert them on the new SKU.


Thanks @NEil.

I created the second listing from the option in the screen print. But it says it uses manufacturer barcode for tracking but still wants to print SKU labels.

I’ve created a ticket with support team to check whether they can change it. Let see how it goes


It may well be the case, that as it requires bubble wrap you won’t actually be able to use commingled.
When you change to barcoded, it does normally create a new SKU, so do check that it hasn’t done so.


Hi @NEil @HOSupplies,

Thanks for your help and finally got it done.

I raised a case with support. they wanted pictures of the prepped product and after looking at the pictures they allowed the change. The case was initially passed back and forth by few individuals who were just pasting a standard template but ultimately picked by someone who knows what he is doing and asked the pictures to be submitted and made the change.

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