IMPORTANT UPDATE - LATEST Scanning changes to Royal Mail Tracked 24 / 48


I’ve just been informed by my Postie friend, that as of this morning (2nd December), they have been instructed by the company (not in relation to the strike) to do the following:

No network scanning of any tracked deliveries, bar Special Deliveries, until they are ready for delivery on the day.

This has been perceived as a way of avoiding failed tracked deliveries, i.e if they aren’t scanned onto the network prior to delivery, then they cannot fail!

I would advise keeping an eye on your tracked deliveries to see if this new policy is implemented throughout the entire network…Honestly, what’s next!? :roll_eyes:


Sounds like a rogue, poor performing depot to me!

I’ll let our warehouse staff know, but I doubt our warehouse manager would let anything leave without it being scanned first - else the postie could just steal what they want.


Of all the parcels we sent on Monday 28th November Tracked48 not a single one has received a scan yet.


Same here - no tracked24/ tracked 48 from the 28th November were scanned at the mail centre that night.

this is what I have on one of mine from Monday (in reverse date order)

  • 2 Dec 2022 5:35am ITEM SCAN
  • 1 Dec 2022 8:22am ITEM SCAN
  • 30 Nov 2022 12:00am DAY A
  • 28 Nov 2022 6:40pm ITEM ADVISED
  • 28 Nov 2022 5:25pm Tracking number provided

5.25 28th November is the timestamp of the manifest being generated or might be the collection scan here of the manifest.

6.40 28th November is the arrival at the regional mail depot
not sure what DAY A means though on the next line.


To be honest this has been happening long before the strike action - I have had customers say their item has been marked delivered and not, but then appeared next day. I have had a postie in the past tell me the new scanners dont work in the rain so scanning in the dry depot may be a reason too. Either way RM are just not fit for purpose in the modern world, if tech cant work in the rain or tracking cant pick up where an item is then they are way behind the competitors, and many will not return to RM


Mine have had NO scans at all - still showing as sender dispatching the item.


That was confimed by my Delivery Postman 5 mins ago!


Same here, i’m not looking forward to next week when messages from angry customers start dropping in my inbox. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


How will this impact metrics?
I thought if you told Amazon you had sent Tracked then they verified this by date of first scan to show you posted on time? If Tracked items are not going to be scanned until day of delivery this will screw up the Amazon metric.


Especially for SFP


Us neither. 'Tis the season to be jolly :roll_eyes:


They have started already. I did all I could and posted things as quickly as humanly possible. But now the icing on the cake is that I am accused by rude customers of posting it late or not posting it at all. They were home collections so I have the actual receipts, but customers are always right although it’s annoying when you go above and beyond, lose money and you get accused of not having done the minimum. I didn’t make the strikes up.


most people are honest, not sure saying your postie is GOING to steal is a good thing to write.

from my understanding special delivery goes straight into the sorting office secure cages and then on local level are handed out under signature from the postie.


What about royal mail signed for, dispatched one on 24/11/22 first class but still not showing as delivered, no signature. Although the customer is using the first line of his address as his forename and surname, so possibly a scammer, time will tell.


i use fed ex and other couriers their scanners aren`t up too much some days.

i do agreed though RM are way behind in new clean emissions hybrid vans or electric vans, they have 13-year-old fiats falling to bits in delivery.
our Rm`s van window literally drops out of the door, or they go into limp mode.

hats off to Amazon who re-invests a load of money in the UK; i am not sure why RM is so tight with their purse strings


Ours go to Sheffield. Prime orders sent out on Monday (28th) had first scan yesterday (1st)! I also have some RM48 from Monday that have been delivered! Not looking forward to the messages as even if customers are understanding of the delays, with some orders being live plants they may not make it there in good condition! I have been using DHL for as many as I can. Its such a mess, I am sure i will have to write POA for Prime metrics (again!)


I may be misinformed, but I understood all the ‘normal’ scans in depots are done by machine automatically, not by hand, so any new directive would likely be a national policy. All mail is scanned, whether tracked or CRL or SD in exactly the same way in the depot, but the front end reporting on the RM website will only report certain scans.

I think they are being scanned, but they are not being reported as so. As an example, I’ve had a return that has been refunded under the brilliant new Amazon policy of refund at first scan (don’t get me started), but the RM website is reporting that is hasn’t been scanned.

I could, of course, be talking complete rubbish though


Most likely due to the Ofcom investigation into RM performance for 2021-2022 which concluded today:

TL;DR - No more blaming Covid.

Under Ofcom rules Royal Mail is required to deliver 93% of First Class mail within one working day of collection, and 98.5% of Second Class mail within three working days of collection.

However, across 2021-22, only 81.8% of First Class mail was delivered within one working day and 95.4% of Second Class mail was delivered within three working days.

In addition, Royal Mail is set a target of completing 99.9% of delivery routes on each day that a delivery is required. However, it completed 94.09% of routes over this period.

Royal Mail is also required to deliver 91.5% of First Class stamped and metered mail products within one working day in 118 postcode areas of the UK – but it didn’t meet this target in any of these postcode areas.

Performance against these targets is measured as an average performance level throughout the year, excluding the Christmas period.

Ofcom takes quality of service very seriously. In our investigation we will gather evidence to understand the reasons behind this lapse in performance, and will determine whether Royal Mail has breached its requirements.

While the challenges of Covid-19 were once unpredictable and unexpected, they have
now, for the most part, fallen away. Social distancing measures are no longer in place,
Royal Mail’s traffic mix appears to have largely returned to pre-pandemic trends, 24 and the
impact of Covid-19 on absence levels is likely to be much less unpredictable, allowing for
contingency planning. As such, we do not expect Covid-19 to have a continuing significant
impact on Royal Mail’s QoS in the way it has done in 2021-22.

Assessing future compliance
When assessing Royal Mail’s compliance with its QoS obligations in future years, Ofcom
will take the specific circumstances of any failure into account. However, in light of the
above, we do not anticipate that we will treat the impacts of Covid-19 on Royal Mail’s
performance in the same way we have this year.

Given that we do not expect to see Covid-19 having such a pervasive impact in future
years, we also do not intend to treat Covid-19 as a single event in the future. We will assess
any future impacts of Covid-19 as individual factors that impacted Royal Mail’s QoS and
will consider whether they are exceptional in the context of that reporting period. We have
now considered the impacts of Covid-19 on Royal Mail’s QoS over two years and believe
that Royal Mail has had time to learn lessons from the pandemic. As such, the factors
outlined above are unlikely to be considered exceptional in future.

As stated in our 2022 review of postal regulation, the QoS regime helps to ensure that
users benefit from certainty that an item will arrive on the date promised, with high
reliability. We know from our 2020 user needs research that users value these qualities of
the universal service above speed of delivery.


thank you for informing.

that one part is very interesting reading,

In addition, Royal Mail is set a target of completing 99.9% of delivery routes on each day that a delivery is required. However, it completed 94.09% of routes over this period.


Because they are a privatised company whose key aim is to maximise dividends for their shareholders (and concomitant bonuses for senior managers). They will cut corners in any way they can in order to do this.