Item Labels Are Not Required?


Hi there, new FBA (UK) seller here.
I’m sending FBA inventory to Amazon for the first time.
After entering values for “Set Quantity” and “Prepare Products”, I get access to “Label Products”.
Under the “Labelling required” tab, I get the message “Item labels are not required for the products in your plan. Click Continue.”

I want to label my items with the FNSKU myself (with no manufacturer barcodes).
In my FBA setting, I’ve already set my Barcode preference to: Amazon barcode.
Shouldn’t I be able to select Print Label for this page?

If, however, I click under the “All products” tab (in Label Products), I can select who labels, the number of labels to print and print the labels.

Is this “All product” the correct procedure?
I just want to make sure I haven’t made any mistake as apparently Amazon is considering that my product doesn’t require item labels.

Thanks for your attention.


Standard FBA or FBA small and light?


I believe Standard FBA as I haven’t seen “small and light” anywhere.

I am not aware of any FBA small and light policy.

Thanks for your reply


On the first page on the shipping plan (set quantities) it should tell you in the Information/action required column what you have set up the item when you first converted it to fulfil by Amazon. In the picture below it shows a current plan I’m working on (every item I send to FBA I choose to use FNSKU labels) if yours is showing manufacturers barcode you can click the “Convert the item” and it will allow you to change it to Amazon label

When you first convert your item to fulfil by Amazon you get this screen where you sometimes get to choose if you want to use the manufacturers barcode but not always



You need to pick ‘seller’ from the drop down list. If you ‘Amazon’, you’re saying you want Amazon to label it.

This is on the screen after what @Kingstar has said:
Once you have done this, then on the next page you can set the amount of labels you need and print from there.


That doesn’t work because he has the item set as manufacturer barcode so the system doesn’t think a label is required. He needs to change it from manufacturing barcode to Amazon barcode then the system knows it needs a label printing whether its done by the seller or Amazon


Ah yes, he’ll need to fix that first.


You cannot use FNSKU in some categories has to be EAN.


Hopefully it’s not in that category if he’s wanting to use FNSKU labels, I wasn’t aware of that as in my category every item can use a FNSKU label but not all items will allow the manufacturers barcode some items are FNSKU labels only


Thanks everyone.
Under Information Required (in the Set Quantities page) it says No products found.
I did set Barcode type to Amazon barcode in the FBA settings in Seller central.

In the third page (Label products) it shows me the FNSKU but only under the “All products” tab.
The Labelling required tab is where I get the message “Item labels are not required for the products in your plan. Click Continue.”

I mean, I’m happy to print the labels from “All products” if that’s okay.
Just wondering if someone with more experience than me could confirm that is okay and figure out why I get that message in Labelling required.

Seems like I can’t choose Amazon barcode as Barcode type for the single item anywhere, I can only choose it as default in my FBA settings (which I did).



if you have no inventory, convert them back to fulfilled by merchant and then back to fulfilled by Amazon and make sure on that first screen you select Amazon barcode then try it again


as @Sequin has said see if you get the option for Amazon barcode on the first screen after to convert to FBA


Just converted to FBM and then back to FBA.
On the first page, it now says Manufacturer Barcode Only.
Clicking on Why: this product is not eligible for tracking with an Amazon barcode for one of the following reasons:

  • This SKU is already assigned a barcode preference.

I’m quite sure it’s because I’ve switched to Amazon barcodes in the FBA settings only after creating the listing.

Would it work if I delete product and listing and start again from scratch?

As I mentioned, it’s my first shipment plan and I guess you learn on the way.

Thank you.


You could just add another condition so it duplicates the listing and then delete the original one once you’ve fixed the problem. Will be easy that way if its your own listing


As a side issue too, if you’re new, before you send anything in, is your account fully verified?


Amazing: it worked! Thanks so much.

Re:fully verified, I suppose I am as I’ve submitted all documents for my LTD company.

Is there a place in the settings where I can check if I am fully verified?


On your account settings, where it says Account Status (top left) what does it say next to it?

I ask only because verifications are taking 3-4 months in some cases and once you send stock in its costing you money and you potentially can’t sell it if you’re not verified :slight_smile:


It says Information provided and your account is under 15K disbursement limit.

Under identity information, it seems I’ve successfully submitted all mandatory details.

Does that mean I can’t sell at all if I send stock?

Thank you


Try looking under your performance notifications. Is there any message which specifically states that you can start selling, not just start listing?


The simple answer to this, is that you have it set for the default “Manufacturer Labels”.
You need to change the default to “Amazon labels”.

Once you have corrected this, you then need to delete the current listing and create a new one.
It will then give you the option when creating the listing to choose either.
Choose Amazon labels, then on the shipment it will allow you to then print the labels.