Items sent on click and drop, customers say they haven received item


items sent on click and drop, delivery confirmed and 20 customers say they haven received item


Hi if it was on the same order it could be a sacks lost, check order name and delivery name and address make sure things don’t look off in any way.
If it looks to be right you will need to claim from RM if you have insurance the only other scenario is if the correct postage was not paid for the size or weight and if yours has been audited could be the unlucky one.


Orders have been delivered, but buyers say not received?


Hi, I my delivery is saying only 2 orders were not delivered on time this week and 2 orders last week were not delivered on time, but last week had about 10 customers say order not received, I sent them tracking and tracking confirmation of delivery for the 2d bar code and said I will get Royal Mail to investigate and ask amazon support what to do, and they didn’t come back to me, this week the same 10 customers say they haven’t received the items though tracking says delivered, I sent tracking etc and only 1 person come back, I never had this problem with Royal Mail signed for, only since I changed to click and drop


Plus customers say you emailed me about an order that is going to be late please refund me, when I checked it says already delivered, Plus I didnt contact any customer to say there order is delayed as I ship all orders on time, very confusing since changing to click and drop


It looks like another case of Amazon messaging buyers to inform them their order is late and suggest they request a refund, there have been a few posts on the subject.


Hi thank you for your reply, what’s the solution for this


Sorry, I don’t use click & drop on amazon so don’t know the cause, or solution, hopefully others with a better insight will comment.


Whats the best was to ship here for high volume orders


Hi as mentioned above looks like the auto RM update in amazon with the 2d.
I switched back to hermes when RM started to struggle during the pandemic and I’m not a big Hermes fan mor so as items don’t get returned if no responce and delivery can take 3-5days on average for standard, ButI have hardly had any issues right the way through so if your sending small parcels on MFN they are worth considering obviously potable is a little more expensive


call royal mail and give them a couple of the ref numbers and ask for the gps details. a little extra confirmation foryou.


Hi thank mine is all large letter, can all orders go straight through to Hermes in bulk or do you have to put it in one by one


You can connect hermes to your amazon account and bulk upload, pay and print with a few clicks. I switched to hermes as royal mail is so unreliable at the moment for me. I just drop off at a collection point.


Amazon does not accept/track the 2D labels for Large Letter. They only accept it for Parcels.

There was a discussion about it before somewhere on this forum.


Thank you is Hermes through buy shipping and can customers still open a to z if not received


How do you know they have been delivered?


Hi I put the 2d barcode in the Royal Mail site and it says delivered and says the location of delivery, if its not delivered is says not delivered yet wait