Missing units after amazon recive all the units


Hi all hope for an advise,I send to amazon almost 1 month ago 182 units all the units they are confirmed and recive,however 2 products in the amount 22 and 47 units they never put like available for sell and I don’t see any FC process on them ,they are like evaporated,I did almost 10 case with amazon support to find out where are my units but they keep tell me they will pass the information and after I get an email that they are in receiving status,but the shipment is close.
Now i send a different shipment with the same item to keep my sale active because is a good product but they say 20 items are defective and requeast a order removal and I know in this case is not much to do so I made a order removal,but now all the time when I want to sort it out the previous problem with my units that where missing thay are using those 20 units like an answer even that I email that is a different shipment and attach the proof and the Id shipments but is been really hard to make them to see my point.Please help me I going crazy.