Multi-Channel Fulfilment BULK UPLOAD?


Hi there,

Can anybody please provide me the excel file that I can use for bulk upload in Multi-Channel Fulfilment? I have checked the “Amazon Flat-File Template” but it is too confusing and makes no sense to me… Please share if anybody has ready-made file which I can test and then change the details according to my orders. Please help!


can anyone help plz?


I don’t follow hat you mean which is probably why no responces
When you say multi chanel do you mean to. List across the EU5?
There is a bulk upload file available on amazon they are not the simplest to use so it sounds like you may have already foud it everyone uses the same file as its what the system requires to read the info.


You can submit Multi-channel Fulfilment orders in bulk by uploading the file with the fulfillment request here:-
Download the Fulfilment Request template
There are four tabs at the bottom of the worksheet, the 1st and 2 guide and explain what to do. You can either click between them or print them off to follow.
Tab 3 is an example to help you with tab 4 a blank fulfillment request that you complete and save as tab delimited .txt file before uploading in Seller Central.
NB. You will need to be on the Professional selling plan to be able to do this.