New Listings Missing Browse Nodes/Not Indexing or searchable



Is anyone else noticing that newly created listings are not searchable on the Catalog. This seems to be because the browse nodes are missing at the top of the details page and the listing is not being indexed by the system.



is there a browse node set on the edit product details?

it might have been set to adult,

I have my suspicions that rogue sellers are suppressing competitors products by setting them as adult.
(and to cover their tracks are setting other listings that dont belong to their direct competitors the same way)

It only has to be in an adult browse node or adult flag set on one other amazon marketplace for it to be suppressed from search on all marketplaces.

I have a product at the moment (set of dice for a family game) search suppressed on amazon uk - because it was set as both adult and in an adult category on .com - I managed after 4 weeks to get it fixed - but they said it would only remain fixed for 48 hours as that invalid data was also on amazon australia.

and of course each seller support team will not converse directly with the support team from the other marketplaces and insist we contact them ourselves.

and of course each


Unfortunately everything is correct on the listing template with correct browse nodes selected and non adult product. It must be an issue with Amazon’s system.

There was a big browse node problem on the handmade category a couple of weeks back and it looks like the problem still exists with new listings.


is the asin in use on other amazon marketplaces and if so - does it work in searches on each of those?


I just created the listing for the UK only


I have the same issue with a new listing. Emailed SS, lets see.



It took 3 days however my new listings have now been indexed and browse nodes are visible. The system must just be very slow at the moment as usually it only takes approx 30 mins to 1hr to appear.


Thanks for the update.