New Manage Your Experiments tool for brand owners


We’re excited to announce that Manage Your Experiments is now live in Seller Central.

This tool can help brand owners improve sales by testing two versions of the same listing to identify the most impactful page content.

In only a few minutes, you can run A/B tests on listing titles and images for the same high-traffic ASIN to identify and publish better product detail page content to help improve conversions.

To access the tool, go to Brands and select Manage Experiments in Seller Central.

For more information, watch the Manage Your Experiments video or see About Manage Your Experiments.


Sounds like a science lab !
Who thinks up these things ?!


Very welcome addition - I look forward to having a play around with these experiments. A/B testing is going to be very useful for our business.


Great stuff!

More things like this Amazon!


This is a really cool feature and will help in tracking what works best on titles etc - It’s been around for a while just seems to be opened for everyone now.


This is awesome! Looking forward to giving it a go.


not showing up for me on my side and when I tried clicking on the link from the news section then it gives me the error I dont have permission?!
Very strange as we are brand registered and have been for over a year now and have been using other features.


Do you know if the product title is changing in the search view as well as on the product page?

The Help section mentions product page title but not explicitly search results too

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