Pending account block: Upload your UK VAT Number


Hi sellers,

so I got an email from Amazon saying “Pending account block: Upload your UK VAT Number”.

"Dear Seller,

You may be legally required to be VAT registered in the United Kingdom (UK) based on your Amazon activity.

Under UK VAT legislation, all online marketplaces must prevent non-UK businesses that are storing products in the UK, from offering products for sale after the marketplace becomes aware that the business is not meeting its UK VAT registration requirement.

We are required to verify that you are VAT registered in the UK. Please upload your UK VAT registration number to Seller Central within the next 4 days."

I have learned today that by signing in for a PAN European FBA I have to register for VAT in 7 countries. So convenient that they did not warn me before. How in the earth am I supposed to get UK VAT number in four days?

And my biggest concern and question is will my account be blocked in general or just for the UK market?

Thank you in advance for the answers!




This will affect just your Amazon UK marketplace.

It sounds like you have been doing FBA as an overseas seller without being VAT registered. You should have reviewed the laws before sending into FBA inventory into different countries.

You have to be VAT registered in every country where your inventory is stored.


Thanks for the quick answer!

I have a business registered in Germany and am tax registered in Germany.
Now I got the idea: If you want to have goods allocated in all 5 European markets (PAN European FBA) you have to register in each of them, as also in Poland and Czech Republic. If Amazon had warned me about it I would never sign in for PAN European FBA, but just sell items from warehouse in Germany because at the moment i sell maybe 50 items a month and it is just not cost effective for me to register for VAT in all those countries.

I have another question, is there a way to go back to just selling from Germany?


Das kann ein teures Vergnügen werden.

Sieh zu, dass du da so schnell wie möglich wieder rauskommst und vor allem keinen Lagerbestand in irgendwelchen Ländern hast.

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