Pending Orders - 4 days have surpassed will this be processed


Unclear as to whether this will be fulfilled or not? are we to action anything?
Pending order from the last few days, please assist


It will either be processed or cancelled, nothing really you can do about it unfortunately.


Since Black Friday the number of pending orders seems to be much higher than normal and I know that’s been mentioned on other threads too


Pending usually max out at 7 days but I have had multiple over the years that just keep rolling. The max I have experienced is about 23 days. As Dedez said - nowt you can do.
It’s horrible if it happens to an item you know will sell quickly to another customer but far worse when you’re about to go on holiday. That’s what happened to me - TWICE! The first was still in pending when I returned but the 2nd completed while I was away and I had to message the buyer to tell them to wait. Fortunately that was way before VTR or all the newer metrics.

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