Prime Day 2021 submission windows closing soon


The Lightning Deals submission window for Prime Day 2021 will be closing soon. The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 23, 2021, so submit your promotions now for a chance to have your deal considered for this event.

Note: you can run your Lightning Deals once per week.

Prime Day (PD) is Amazon’s largest global shopping event exclusively for prime members offering great deals and exclusive content!

How to submit your Lightning Deal:

  • Go to the Deal dashboard (Seller Central > Advertising > Deals).
  • Click ‘Show eligible products for Lightning Deals’ and select any ASIN that shows Prime Day Week available.

We recommend you to create deals with the following criteria:

  • Minimum discount of 20% off the lowest price in last 30 days or lowest price year to date
  • Strong sales history
  • 3.5+ star rating
  • Images that match the style guide

We are looking forward to seeing your best Lightning Dealsthat offer the most delight to our customers during this unique shopping event.


It would be not only a nice gesture from Amazon, but more importantly a better offering for the customer if Amazon were to either discount or waive the referral fees for these deals.

Please consider this, you place the pressure on sellers to reduce or eliminate the margin in a product but do not offer to do the same for the referral fee. This creates a really asymmetric relationship with Amazon which personally I am not comfortable with and creates animosity towards Amazon as it doesn’t feel like the platform really considers the interest of sellers, only its own interests.

Perhaps I am the only seller who feels this, and perhaps others are content working hard for sales that generate no margin while Amazon profits from this but I see this as unlikely.


Everything is one-sided towards amzn or the buyer !!

Anyway when is this Prime Day ?

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