Product Liability insurance coverage for EU based sellers using FBA in the US


Hi Fellow Sellers,

I am based in Ireland and trying to find a liability insurance provider that will cover my FBA products listed on

From reading the forums I see that it’s pretty easy for US based sellers to purchase the insurance but so far I’m not having any success finding a provider that will cover sellers based in the EU.

If any EU sellers could point me in the right direction I would be eternally grateful.

Many thanks for your time and wishing you all continued success on Amazon.



I have the same issue. My current insurer will not add Amazon as a named insured (as per the instruction from Amazon below).

  1. The policy must name “ Services LLC and its affiliates and assignees” as additional insureds;

Recommended insurance companies on will only deal with American based businesses. There must be a company that can do this for us.

Hopefully somebody has some information.


This is a pickle for a lot of foreign sellers in the USA marketplace.

Any insurance broker suggestions anyone?


Got the same problem,

Tried to ask Marsh, but they never responded. It seems like there is no such option for non US seller. I am googling hard to find possibilities, but no company offer for foreign businesses.


247selling, did you get an insurance provider in the end? I need one, and am having trouble too


I spent hours trying to source an insurer in the UK who absolutely knew what was required for the Amazon liability insurance. It came down to 4 brokers and PolicyBee were the most helpful (they even pick up the phone within a few rings, without having to press any more buttons!) - and they were the most competitive on price. I’d heard that Amazon often reject the purchased certificates and that’s what happened when I first uploaded. Despite their emails advising that the wording wasn’t quite right on the policy, I simply uploaded a second time and it was accepted.
I could also recommend Insynch for customer service, as well as Christopher Trigg. But their prices were £400+ more expensive! I compared the quotes, and PolicyBee’s quote was underwritten by Hiscox, which I’m confident with.
Good luck with your search.

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@Past_Perfect_Vintage thanks i’ve signed up with policybee based on your recommendation


Hi @Agora_Vintage1 are you an Irish or UK based seller if you dont mind me asking?

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