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Trying to do an inventory update for the first time by upload (too scared before), but I have too many listings now…

Anyway, I’m stuck at the 1st hurdle - in that I couldn’t generate a template (but luckily I managed to download one the other day) - but I’m stuck at product_type. The “help” pages suggest “guildhome”. But as I’m in Handmade >Home & Kitchen>Artwork>Photographs, is just putting guildhome enough, or does it need the sub categories? I can’t find any info on the help, apart from basic stuff and some of it is out of date. And if it does need the other subs, I have no idea of format. Glad of any help.

I’m only trying one listing for now, partial update - just the bullet points.


I don’t use handmade, but do periodically do the batch uploads to create sales etc.

When doing it I need to add every subcategory because in the inventory file you have to put the category in from their selected list (based on what you picked at the time of making the template)

So if you only have Handmade >Home & Kitchen>Artwork>Photographs then that is the only category you will be able to select on the spreadsheet

I’m not sure what the categories are in handmade, but for instance I sell greeting cards and I list in
Stationery & Office Supplies > Office Paper Products > Cards & Card Stock > Greeting Cards > ***

At the end in place of *** would be Birthday, or Anniversary, or Baby etc - so if I make a spreadsheet to stop at Greeting Cards then none of my products would be in the correct subcategory

Sorry if this didn’t help, I honestly have no idea what guildhome is so guessed based on your other remarks.


Think I may have just answered my own question. As I’m doing a partial update, I’m not changing nodes. Just the bullet points. The product_type field AFAICS on every download/template I’ve looked at is just guildhome. And as it’s a required field when uploading, I think that’s all I need. Doing a test (on one!) now.


I am only ever updating the sale price, but have to do a “Update product details” report, bit of a pain cause they require so much copy/pasting of brand names, browse nodes, prices, asins skus, part numbers etc just to change the sale date and sale price haha


Nah, didn’t work. 20 characters


So I can’t do a partial update of bullet points by just supplying the new points, the SKU and guildhome? I have to fill in half the other fields? Seems pointless and just as much work.


Yeah, well at least I had to when doing mine.

Its a pain tbh, theres like 5 or 6 required fields just to change a sale price.

Think it was item type, product id, product id type, product title, brand name, part number, browse node etc that it says are required

and date format have to be a weird YYYY-MM-DD :woman_facepalming:


Sod that. That sounds a right PITA. Back to manual updates then.


According to the help page - -

I need to fill in:
Product Type
Seller SKU
Brand Name
Product Title
Product Description
Recommended browse nodes
Search Terms
Bullet Points
Bullet Points
Bullet Points
Bullet Points
Bullet Points
Country/Region Of Origin
Your Price
Main Image

So much for partial!


Finally! Got it to work, I think - and without putting in all those fields (so that Help page info is wrong - for Handmade). Just used Type, SKU, node, (bullet points) and PartialUpdate.

Part of the issue - I’m on a Mac and using Numbers and Google Sheets and some data/columns were screwing things up (& drop downs were disappearing), I think in the conversion from Excel to Sheets and back to Excel. At least I hope that’s all it was. Will be attacking it properly tomorrow, and it should save me days of work. Phew!

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