SAFE-T Claim Issue - Customer return violates Amazon policy


Hi guys,
We’ve been a seller for quite a few years now, but this return is giving us a headache. A customer opened a return stating that the trousers being returned had the swing tags and labels removed as it was a Christmas present. We contacted the customer to state we can’t issue a refund as the item being returned violates our returns policy and that of Amazon’s.
They returned it anyway and Amazon have issued a full refund including postage. This means, we paid for the original postage for the item to be delivered and we have now paid the returns postage for the customer for it’s return and also the trousers (which we are unable to re-sell).
We put in a SAFE-T claim as messaged Amazon with all the proof, pictures, screen shot of their own policy, the trousers, packaging, no labels etc and they refunded a discounted amount (not even half of what the trousers are worth).
We have tried to dispute this and asked what more information they need to move forward and we received a response saying “we cannot share anymore information and we may no reply to any further communications about this issue.”
So basically, they can’t tell us why they have chosen this particular amount and they have ghosted us with no explanation on how to fix it or appeal this.
Even seller help didn’t give any help as they acknowledge we aren’t being responded to, but that was it! I think it’s appalling. These automated returns and refunds should be an opt-in service!
Anyone else had this issue or know how to appeal it?
Many thanks


The only returns policy that applies is Amazon’s - seller cannot set a returns policy that is less generous that Amazon’s.

Probably a refund on first scan. Standard policy now.

Under Amazon you pay for free returns in the clothing category. It is standard.

Pretty standard. When you say they refunded less than 1/2 - I presume you mean of the retail price, not your purchase cost? Even without original tags the clothes still have value to be sold - this is part of retailing online.

You could try appealing to


Hi there,
Our returns policy is the same as Amazon’s on returns, so it’s not less generous. We know about all the other issues, I’m just venting that we have paid for everything else and think it’s unfair that they have held our money to ransom and not explained as to why. We have left 3 messages on the SAFE-T Claim after they have ghosted us asking what more information they need. There is no explanation as to where the amount they have refunded us has come from. They don’t know how much we paid and it doesn’t equate to a percentage. It’s like plucked from thin air and there’s no one to contact about it as they fob you off on to other departments who then put you back to where you were. They make you go around in circles and think if they make it difficult enough, you’ll give up :frowning:


I have a similar case in A-Z at the moment. Customer bought two pairs of trousers and wanted to return for being too small, they eventually posted them back about 30 odd days later. I inspected them and one pair was fine, the other had no tags, labels ripped out and mud on the leg, so I refunded for one pair and offered to return the damaged pair. A-Z is opened stating the trousers were received by them in the damaged condition. I’m awaiting Amazons review on my appeal.