SFP Royal mail labels query


Hi all

We wanted to ask a question

We want to make labels today that will be picked up on Monday but the date selection will only allow us to choose tomorrow and as far as i believe Amazon will bring issues with our metrics if the parcels dont get picked up on the day you dispatch it.

Please advise

Thank you


Why not simply drop them off at a sorting office instead?
That way they will scanned in the morning.

But what matters, is the day dispatch. ie. the first time they get scanned.


We do 150 a day too many to take, we have a collection during the week just wanted to know if we could make labels today for them to be picked up on Monday


You can do the labels, but as I said, it depends on when Amazon expect them to be sent.
If they expect them to be gone tomorrow. Then you will get a strike for each one if they are not scanned in time.
If it’s Monday, then it’s not an issue.

It really doesn’t matter when you create the labels at all.


it must because you select the date when you print them of which date you are dispatching it