Shipping of new sku to DC keeps restricting the number of boxes?


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We have been using SC FBA for a while now but when we try to book in a new sku into SC , that is currently on the inventory as inactive. It keeps telling my colleague that we can only book in 10 boxes?

We are trying to book in 200 boxes (600 skus) can anyone advise me please as to our knowledge this hasnt happened before , the product is an established product that we also sell on VC so we are not sure what the issue is.

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i think that sending over a certain number of boxes / skus requires use of the file upload on the shipment rather than the webform


Would those 10 boxes by chance hit the restock limit for your account?


Many thanks for the info, we are going to look at the webform.


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@ Nikwax_Ltd, did you fixed the issue with the tip from @ The_Little_Shop?

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