Small and light query


Hey everyone,

I am just wondering if items loose their small and light FBA status if the sales velocity drops below the amount they require?

I have a few seasonal items which won’t sell again in huge amounts until this time next year,


Yes, they probably will do.
But to frank, if they aren’t going to sell for the rest of the year and you have some left, your far better getting them returned to you, rather than leave them to get LTSF.


Seasonal items aren’t suitable for FBA and you should remove them as they will only negatively affect your IPI score and possibly lead to enforcement of storage limits on your account.


Unlikely,my items have a low season from Oct to Mar & many drop below required velocity & have never lost SNL status in 3+ years.I just reduce my stock levels & have never incurred LTSF in over 7 years here.


we just had to pull 2 of the ASIN back as it got undercut by someone else. we got notice around 2 months ago that velocity not reached on certain day, then we have to remove or have them destroyed.

So I think this is new policy


I’ve had items lose S&L before now. Not often I will admit, but it has happened. And I’ve been using it for a couple of years now.