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Hello everyone friends, I wanted to consult here because I haven’t found a solution despite talking to amazon many times because of the problem I’m having with the small and light program.

I want to include 2 of my products in the small and light program, but amazon gives me the error you see on the screen. I will inform the product weights and measurements. I don’t know if something is getting out of my eye, but if anyone can help, I would be very glad

1.product : 25cm x 16cm x 5cm ----- 0.29kg
2.product : 11cm x 5cm x 5cm ----- 0,11kg


Are those the product sizes you have stated or the package sizes ?


Aside from price, size and weight, they are not the only criteria to allow for.
For instance, if a product is classed as Hazmat, it is not eligible for S&L.

So what is the product?
Have you checked the sizes/weights on the listings themselves? That includes item and package size.


We have requested measurement again from Amazon. The measurement is what they measure. There are also these measurements in the product lists.


The products are in the sizes specified in the list. In addition, the products are not in the hazmat category in any way.


Whats the asin ?
Whats the price ?


I don’t want to say ASIN, I think you’ll understand:) The product price is under £9


One thing I will say, is that the first parcel, even if you get it onto S&L, is hardly worth it.
Standard FBA is not much different on price and it at least guarantees that it will be next day delivery, most of the time. It will cost £2.51 S&L and £2.63 standard FBA.

But as I said, you need to check the actual measurements/weights on the listings, not just request a remeasure.


Hello @Talhab,

Have you contacted Seller Support regarding this situation?
Could you send me by DM the details (ASIN and case ID)?

@othersellers- thank you for your posts!