Stock stuck in FC processing


Hi All,

Hope someone may be able to help me,

Ive been selling on amazon for over 6 months, and i now have 2 ASIN’s with 120 units & 66 units stuck in fc processing, I’ve sent more new stock in which is selling but this old stock is still stuck there.

I’ve done caselog and phonecalls but still no luck they first said its in for checks etc but its been on 30 days

has anyone else had this problem?

Thanks Nick



How long has the old stock been in processing status? 30 days?



From date it was delivered 7th November, and still stuck now so 35 days?

a few units have come available week by week but none for a few weeks now…

I sent more new stock in for the 1 ASIN and it went straight to available whilst the old stock 66units still in fc processing,

and the other ASIN I sent more new stock in 300 units, and 157 units added to fc processing with 120 of old stock still in there, and the rest went available forsale.

I’ve done caselogs but no luck,

I understand they said its verifying checks etc but over 30 day isn’t acceptable,

Thanks Nick



Can you help at all please?

Thanks Nick


Yep, getting the same issue here too - inbound stock is taking almost always 30 days to process in since start of December. I assume it is because of the Peak period and just busy but the Service Level now is getting worse - I assume a large proportion because of the strikes.

@Winston - please communicate if possibe as this is will be impacing a lot of sellers. Thanks.


there were only a small amount of people in the end that actually went on strike yesterday



Ive still got the problem 1 ASIN had 12 units move this week but i still have 270 units still stuck, its been nearly 50 days now… they were delivered start of December.

i’ve raised many cases but they come back saying its in FC Processing for checks etc but 50 days is way to long now. @Winston_Amazon @Amazon



Did yours ever sort it self out?




Can you help me at all please?

I’ve got 2 products stuck in FC Processing status for over 60 days now,

I keep getting the same reply from case logs, I.e wait max 30 days or a few more days but I’ve waited over 60!

Thanks Nick


HI, yes but also had a good proportion get cancelled - mainly the EU sales. Still seeing spikes in outstanding orders every now and then but generally a lot better now.

Did you sort?