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Could someone please help me. I need to speak with seller support. Unfortunately I have lost the phone number I spent months trying to get. All I remember is that it was an 0207 number

I am unable to request a call back as the option is just not there in seller central when I click on that section and I am going around in loops

After over 20 emails over several weeks and I am getting nowhere!

Can anybody share that number with me please?

Many thanks



There is no phone number for the Seller Support.

If you have the Professional Selling Plan, you can open a case and request a callback.


Hi thank you for replying Kika

I don’t have a professional account yet but was going to buy it once I have my account all sorted (my account has been stuck and not verified since November and I have no idea why - which is what I need to speak to them about)

I had a very helpful man give me a number last week when I called re an issue i had with an Amazon order. I placed I called the number and i heard an automated message that I was through to seller support. Unfortunately I could not hold any longer and now can’t find the number but do remember it started with 0207. I’m so annoyed with myself for losing it!


@Kika Do you still have the Chat option? Mine disappeared a couple of months ago…


I still have the chat option but on the USA marketplace the option was disabled months ago.


Hi again, can anyone please confirm there is no ability to call, or request a call back, unless you have a professional account?

I signed up for a regular account as I will only put 40 items tops in the first month but planned on getting it in the second. However, months down the line and many, many random responses that are clearly generic (I once got fa follow up email from seller central that he understands I have a problem with a particular food processor and needs more info) I am at a loss of what to do.


That is correct, one of the advantages of having a “Pro” account.


No, we can’t because it is still possible to request a call back from Seller Support even for an Individual seller. This is what you should usually see, at the end of the Contact Seller Support page, as you’re using the Individual selling plan:

The only difference about contacting Seller Support between Individual and Professional sellers is that the Contact Seller Support is more specifically subdivided among different options for the latter (which have been correctly shown by Kika), particularly the Chat one, unavailable to the sellers with the Individual selling plan.

No, it’s not (at least partially). Read our explanation above.


It appears chat has been withdrawn from all sellers, unless there are a special few who’ve got to keep it!


I’ve still got the chat option. It’s there for Other issues>all other issues.


Does it actually work? Mine’s completely gone. I think @Kika said hers has gone from most sections, but in the one or two it remained in, the chat didn’t actually work.


I just checked this account and here I can still see it. However on the other accounts it’s gone.


No idea as I haven’t tried to use it.


Just to say I managed to get a number and my 5 month wait for verification turned out to be a TECHNICAL problem. Once it was assigned to the technical team, rather than the account verification team, my account was all sorted in 3 days.

Thanks for all your help and advice :slight_smile:

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