Temporary suspension of small parcel deliveries between the UK and EU for the Amazon Partnered Carrier Programme


The introduction of a customs border between the UK and EU has led to a backlog of Partnered Carrier Programme shipments that do not have the required documentation to clear customs and need to be returned to sellers. This has caused a strain on the UPS network and therefore, effective immediately, UPS will be temporarily suspending Partnered Carrier Programme small parcel deliveries between the UK and EU.

Affected shipments created in 2021 will be returned to sellers. For these shipments, UPS labels are still valid and can be used with compliant customs clearance documentation. Impacted sellers will be contacted by Amazon with next steps.

For affected shipments created in 2020, if your shipment has been picked up and not delivered, UPS will return the shipment to you. In either case where your shipment has or has not been picked up, the shipping labels are no longer valid. Please wait for a reimbursement.

We hope to resume service as soon as possible and are working with UPS to provide updated guidance on customs clearance. In the meantime, for alternative providers, please see the Service Provider Network.


Don,t you just love Brexit
At some point, there should be the promised upside but at the moment I cannot see where that will come from


There is no added section on the Amazon booking site for any customs paperwork at all or UPS site.
If sending to USA you always had added paperwork to print off from the UPS booking site - 4 pages.
So why do we not have this now for Europe?.


Hopefully this might just kick Amazon into gear as it must start to effect them as well


Does anybody understand what this bit means…
‘For these shipments, UPS labels are still valid and can be used with compliant customs clearance documentation.’ ?


What a big mess !!!not good experience with UPS since Brexit


I was just about to top up my EU stock at the end of this week. Why are the forms not filled out correctly? The EORI, the HS codes, product origin and product production cost are not something that typically change. Why isn’t the required export information able to be pegged to a seller entity and individual products and then auto populated through an export document wizard? If people don’t have the required credentials or information then they wouldn’t be able to complete the shipment. Surely this is basic workflow design?


What about Northern Ireland. We have no customs duties therefore all should continue as normal?



Don’t know how sellers have got this wrong. The only paperwork you need is available on the UPS site. Three copies of the Commercial Invoice attached to the box with the required information is not difficult. My parcel cleared customs and now is on the way back. Brexit’s made a mess of things but there’s been plenty of time to prepare for this. Those who haven’t have now clogged the system and blaming Boris.


I attached three copies of the commercial invoice and sent on the 7th January to Spain, they have still not delivered. I don’t think it is a straight-forward as simply attaching commercial invoices. Firstly, whom pays the taxes/duties? Ideally they charge Amazon and then they charge to the seller account. Secondly, what about the power of attorney form? I found it almost impossible to find that and didn’t attach it to my shipment as I couldn’t find it in time.

If you’re simply talking about customer returns then a commercial invoice may suffice. Similarly this is fine for a shipment to USA with a value of less than $800, I regularly make shipments to the USA and never had any problem as I just attach a commercial invoice. I know what a commercial invoice looks like, I have used them many times to the USA without any problem ever but what is happening in Europe right now is completely different and a commercial invoice alone will not suffice, someone has to pay taxes/duties and that commercial invoice needs to somehow be linked to the shipment that you create on seller central as it is when booking a shipment elsewhere.


I spoke with UPS and 3 commercial invoices is all you need. You don’t need POA from uk to Europe. The shipment cleared customs without problems. The only reason our shipments are not going to their destinations is the volume of shipments that have been sent with incorrect documents or no documents at all. This has led to the service being suspended by UPS.


After extensive Comms with UPS in Spain and Germany, you do indeed need to complete the POA but it gets more complicated than that. There is information they need further from Amazon.

For more see table 3 https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/G858C88X5ZREBCG2?ref_=sceu_fba_pcp_crossborderfaqs [sellercentral.amazon.co.uk] and the POA itself on POA https://m.media-amazon.com/images/G/02/fba-help/POA_Template_-_UPS.pdf


When is it expected to resume ?


UPS tracking shows, cleared customer in UK and DE but is apparently back in the UK, not had any updates from UPS as to why until this notice from Amazon.


Has this UPS backlog into Europe also affected their delivery network in the UK? I’ve got two parcels that should have been delivered to LBA2 a week ago now and haven’t updated since.


Do not mislead people here, you need to complete POA and attach to every shipment you send with UPS. If you are shipping to Amazon warehouse in EU from the UK, you are not selling your products to anybody, and must have indirect representation arranged in order for UPS (your broker) to clear the goods from customs. This requires POA to be provided for UPS to act on your behalf.


You blame others while you have not provided all documents for your shipment, that is why it is coming back. You must provide POA. check below. And yes, there were no clear instructions from Amazon about this document. You need dig few pages in order to find the link. We shipped few first shipments without POA because UPS office told us so. So if people who actually moving the goods to other side do not know that, you cannot blame sellers, who are given wrong instructions


Table 3. Step 3: Preparing for a shipment pickup


I can only tell you what my experience was. UPS stated that I was only to attach 3 copies of commercial invoice and not to give my EORI number or VAT number. I questioned this but agent was insistent and said they would ask for it if necessary. The package was worth less than €150 which may have been why. The package then cleared customs with no issues.


You say I must have these documents attached but they weren’t and still cleared customs. The value was less that €150 so it may have been excluded from duty and therefore no POA required.


Thats a very good point. I send the same items to USA and only provide the commercial invoices. I do not provide VAT or EORI or anything else because I am not VAT registered and don’t want to be.
So why is the EU asking for all this extra stuff?