Unavailable Balance makes it impossible to run a business


why is it fair, it’s not their money they are withholding, it’s money that belongs to sellers!


To be doing @ that every month is too high. What are you selling that incurs so many refunds?


I honestly think Amazon don’t really want us using their service, I can’t think of any other reason why selling on Amazon is made so difficult and awkward and unpleasant and the help team are so singularly unhelpful incompetent useless and stupid.


Thing won’t chsnge as amazon make too much money with holding our money making interest on it


I think that is a brilliant idea…:slight_smile: a petition post to do this is a superb idea.
Perhaps each year it can be re-decided and you either have an ongoing reserve (as is) or an agreed value deposit only to be used if account closing or if sales stop and it needs to be used.

I hope Amazon are reading this suggestion.

PS: Having read this post I ‘applied’ to have my reserve reconsidered and the bottom line is that it’s mandotory and applies to all sellers that started after that date… it is not lift-able in any circumstances. But thought it was worth a shot!


That’s for the response I_love_Chocolate

I’m not sure how we start a petition, but would be worth looking into., sellers should stick together :wink: .

Thats a shame but lets hope amazon are keeping a close eye on our posts ;).


If you can’t run a business on Amazon due to unavailable balance, then just don’t sell on Amazon. Make your own website and pay a professional SEO agency to get traffic.

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