Upcoming changes to programme policies


We are making some changes to several of our programme policies listed below. These changes will go into effect in 15 days (i.e., June 15, 2020) and apply to all sellers that use the services or features covered by these policies:

  • Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct: We are clarifying the limited circumstances under which sellers are allowed to set up multiple seller accounts.
  • VAT Agreement: We are making a minor clarification to this policy to reflect the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union.
  • EU VAT Services Online Agreement: We are updating our data processing terms and allowing for the participation of additional service providers in the VAT Services on Amazon programme.
  • FBA Subscribe & Save (changes effective for amazon.co.uk and amazon.de only): We are introducing a new funding structure and automatic enrolment of eligible items. Eligible, replenishable items will be automatically enrolled at a 0% base discount (i.e., no cost to sellers) and Amazon will fund a 5% customer discount for tiered deliveries when customers receive five or more items in one delivery. Sellers who want to fund a customer discount can do so at 5% or 10%, and Amazon will fund an extra 5% under the applicable conditions. Sellers can opt out at any time.
  • Amazon Renewed Global Quality Policy: We are updating quality requirements for Renewed products. Also, to improve customer experience, Renewed products (i) must be priced with a minimum 5% discount from the current featured offer on the new ASIN equivalent; and (ii) include the Amazon Renewed Programme Insert, which contains general information about the Amazon Renewed Programme. The changes to this policy will require participating sellers to source accessories for Apple iPhones from a list of pre-approved brands, to improve quality control.
  • We are also adding the FBA Dangerous Goods programme terms and conditions as a new programme policy. This policy clarifies requirements regarding product eligibility, shipping requirements and storage limits applicable to the FBA Dangerous Goods programme in Europe.

The above list doesn’t include all of the changes, so please review the updated programme policies carefully; redline versions are available on the Changes to programme policies page. If you have questions, reach out to Selling Partner Support. Your continued use of Selling Services after June 15, 2020, constitutes your acceptance of the updated programme policies.

As always, our goal is to help you and all our selling partners continue to succeed with Amazon and grow your businesses around the world. Thank you for being an Amazon Selling Partner.

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