VTR Royal Mail 2nd Class on Report?


Has anybody elses VTR report suddenly got untracked “Royal Mail” “Royal Mail 2nd Class” shipments on their report? All was fine this morning then suddenly not.

VTR not working properly - 2nd Class issues
Rate gültiger Sendungsverfolgungsnummern (VTR) sinkt rapide - Staus in Gefahr

Yes I’ve had some appear this lunchtime !


On the report it says they have tracking ID, they definitely do not!


Same here but for 1st Class. Went from all being N/A to 11/150 Valid tracking. None of them have tracking numbers input, all used dropdowns to select Royal Mail and Royal Mail 1st Class.


happening to me too.
was all fine, now showing as with invalid tracking ID
but NONE of them have a tracking ID !


It’s also dropping by the minute ! Mine are all letters so no tracking !


Same here…there was 5 royal mail 2nd class,now risen to 7.


Yep same here. We send 1st Class, but the same thing.

Until just now we had “N/A” on the VTR. Now we have 400 orders unexempted and only 75% of them have valid tracking.

In reality nothing was sent tracked and nothing has valid tracking and it should be “N/A”.

I’m guessing this must be a bug/blip.



We were fine sending all packages

Shipping Carrier Royal Mail
Shipping service RoyalMail Second Class

Tracking ID (left blank)

Until yesterday VTR showed N/A

now suddenly lots of packages showing as invalid and its down to 88%. every time i fresh the page it changes


mine has gone from 100% to 72.7 to 86.5% all in the space of 30 minutes.What are they doing…


@Jessica please can you check if this is another glitch
We were led to believe non tracked were exempt


Checked the top and bottom of the orders on report, one was shipped 30th June, one was 2nd July. Don’t know if they’re in date order, but if so does everyone have the issue with orders shipped between those dates?

Edit - Never mind. Checked some others and the dates are all over the place.


Ours are all over the place and it’s not all of them either - definitely a glitch - possibly similar to the others experiencing the account health risk box on their dashboard
Doesn’t help the blood pressure though !


Like yours, our rate is continuing to drop, but it’s only the ‘number with valid tracking’ changing so far, they’re still saying ‘/150’ even as it falls. Could be chance, but it seems that a bunch all got marked at once, rather than it being ongoing, and the falling rate is the tracking checker slowly realising there’s no tracking info.


mine are all with a promised delivery date of between 14/6 and 5/7…there are 8 now.


Ours has just dropped again - now at 68% !


mine has gone down to 60.47 % now.


Ours just bounced, but only because another batch got included. Instead of /150, we’re now /226 so I expect it to start dropping again.


mine just dropped from 100% to 61% is this a glitch


Hope so !..