Watch out folks, new Amazon scam email for 2 step verification


Another 2 step scam email arrived this morning, hope no one clicks on it if it arrives in your mailbox…

email comes from:


Thanks for the heads up and the email addy. that domain is now on my blocklist


Hi can you remove or deactivate that link, please - just in case someone inadvertently clicks on it. :slight_smile:


It’s not a link, just a jpeg image of the email :slight_smile:


Yet another scam email form the same email address… (Its a jpeg of the email so no links on it)

Is there a spoof email address for Amazon?


Report spoofed e-mails to Amazon

  • Create a new e-mail to and attach the original, spoofed e-mail. Sending the e-mail as an attachment is the best way to preserve the “header information,” which makes it easier for Amazon to trace the origin of the forgery.
  • If you cannot send the forged e-mail as an attachment, forward the e-mail to, and include as much of the header information as you can. To find the header information, configure your e-mail programme to show All Headers (this varies, depending on the e-mail programme you use). The headers we need are well labelled and look similar to this:

X-Sender-IP: []
X-Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2003 21:02:08 +0000 (UTC)

Please note: Amazon will not be able to respond to all of the e-mails it receives through the e-mail address. If you have specific questions about your account, check the Seller Central Help documentation


I have been having that email in my junk folder for the last week or so.


Another email this time targeted at users accounts… Wonder how many will fall for this at Christmas? Reported to Amazon.

Came from: RebeccaCYoung

For safety this is a jpeg so the links wont work.

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