Why a delay on receiving payments?


It’s about time amazon gave some consideration to those that make handmade items. They should understand that payment is required to purchase more stock to make the next order that comes along. On some items I have to wait around 6 weeks for payment. Etsy have the balance right with payment received a few days after order is placed even though it can take longer to produce the purchased item. Come on amazon, start being realistic with the hand makers!


It’s a restriction placed on new sellers to protect the buyer in case of any return or dispute. Not necessarily a bad thing as it gives the buyer a sense of security. You may find after you’ve been selling a while this will drop to around fortnightly disbursements, with daily becoming a possibility.


I’ve been selling over a year. Amazon have my bank account details so in a case of a dispute they can take money from my account and they take their fees immediately which is unjust. Amazon need to realise that a lot of handmakers need revenue to buy stock to make their next item. Etsy is so much easier.


All sellers need revenue to buy stock to then sell other items, not just handmakers. If your cashflow is causing an issue it would be worth looking at your business model.

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