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MCF Support & Proof Of Delivery

by Seller_vJgoPbnn1j2Nv

So I’ve been testing MCF with orders not on Amazon and so far it’s been ok apart from one customer saying there order hasn’t arrived.

Amazon swiship shows it as delivered.

I’ve contacted Amazon support, there’s no chat support for MCF, and I’ve waited for more than a week for various replies. Amazon says I can’t be reimbursed for items that are delivered.

I actually don’t want reimburses I just want some better support like proof of delivery or even notes say “left at number 10”

This is basic info that Hermes, P2G, UPS etc offer…

I’m concerned that Amazon can’t provide faster support for business owners who need immediate help with fulfillment and reluctant to send too many orders through Amazon as holiday shopping ramps up.

Has anyone else manage to get more information about dleiveries? Is it easy phoning support rather than emailing only to get the copy and past reply?

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In reply to: Seller_vJgoPbnn1j2Nv’s post


I’ve spent hours and days trying to get proof of delivery from Amazon Logistics - essentially there isn’t any. They throw the items at the door and run away, then mark it as delivered on the tracking!

If you deliver an Ebay item to a Click & Collect shop and the customer/shop say it hasn’t arrived then Ebay side with the customer and shop, even if you have the tracking details saying it is delivered. They then reimburse the customer for the full amount from your account.

Now if you deliver to the customer’s home/office address with the tracking showing delivered, Ebay side with you the Seller.

We have stopped shipping Ebay items to Click & Collect shops as too many items were going missing in the shops - you can turn this off in Ebay shop preferences. The thing is nobody in the shop cares about the items as they have no interest in the transaction and it just adds a another layer of risk between Buyer and Seller.

Good Luck!


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In reply to: Seller_vJgoPbnn1j2Nv’s post

I do have the same problem.

Some items seem delivered, but the buyers say they did not receive them.

When I tell the Amazon support, they say ask for a proof of delivery from the carrier. I don’t understand how can I ask for a proof of delivery from the carrier. It is also Amazon.

Support does not provide any other info. They reply like in an automated way.

Is there someone can offer help and tell what is the proof of delivery and how can we get it?


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In reply to: Seller_vJgoPbnn1j2Nv’s post

It’s madness!
I use MCF for long time delivering to my website and ebay clients.
I have 2 sold items value over £100 each undelivered even that Amazon Swiship tracking says “delivered”.
I try to get info about this packages but its like talking to a robot.

I asked Amazon 5 times already:
Do you have proof of delivery?
Something like customer signature or photo of my package in clients open door?

And they answer with this same template:

“We reviewed the tracking information and we found that the order was delivered. Therefore, we are unable to issue a reimbursement.”

If they haven’t got any proof of delivery then why won’t they just say it?
Also why they refuse to issue a reimbursement?
There used to be signatures from DPD they used but now with Amazon logistics it’s just hopeless. If they just leave package by the door than they should pay reimbursement if its not delivered.

So useless!!!

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