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Lost Buy Box (Featured Offer) MEGATHREAD
by Seller_QIMWRIIsqJQai
Amazon replied

I'm getting nowhere with Seller Support (Live Chat & Phone), made a ticket asking for escalation, E-Mailed CEO's office and got a pretty rude reply, I'm at a total loss as to what to do. I have lost the buy box for ALL of my key products and best sellers, I am the brand owner, I am the only offer.

I am stunned at how little support there is from Amazon, I knew it was bad but I had no idea it was THIS BAD. Absolutely no transparency what-so-ever, nothing on performance notifications, account health is perfect, no violations, I am enrolled on the new Account Health Assurance scheme (which gave me peace of mind for all of 3 days).

With the CEO's office giving me the cold shoulder, seller support sending me links to 'Seller University', spending in excess of 10 hours trying almost everything on my account blindly, I'm at a complete loss sitting here with next to no sales. So my last resort is this... a mega thread... I'm hoping with enough people complaining about the issue, Amazon MAY acknowledge this problem as a bug/glitch before I have to file for bankruptcy (no exaggeration) and when they do, I also expect no apology or compensation.

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Video Rejection
by Seller_8poFPfArgAZgS
Amazon replied


I hope all is well.

I've raised 3 cases on this and still haven't had a helpful response, so I thought I'd give it a try here.

My product video keeps getting rejected due to medical claims, so I took out the medical claims and re-uploaded, only for it to be rejected for the same reason again.

So instead of me guessing what Amazons problem is with my video, I raised the issue with seller support, who advised to email with the following:

• Inquiry type: video rejection dispute or general video moderation inquiry

• Marketplace


• Video ID

As you can imagine, they were extremely unhelpful and emailed me back thinking I was trying to remove a review!

It clearly states the inquiry type, so how they came back to me 3 times with the same response is crazy. Incompetence at its finest.

I'm not getting anywhere with seller support, can anyone here help please?

I shouldn't have to guess what Amazons problem with my video is, why is it so difficult to tell me what the issue is?

All the best,

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I need help from Amazon and anyone else who has had the nightmare of navigating this issue, currently UK account in the red and Saudi Arabia account restricted completely.

10 Cooler Master product ASINS have had a product safety violation, requesting DoC (declaration of Conformity), CE certificate, product images and copy of manual.

We've received all this information from Cooler master and submitted via the "submit appeal", this has now ballooned out to 16 cases?!

And the responses on the cases are fragmented and contradictory, from delete the listing to remake a listing against the affected ASIN.

And incoherent responses; like "we can't help as this is not a seller verification enquiry" or "please provide the reason for the safety concern"

AMAZON YOU SOURCE AND SELL THEIR PRODUCTS DIRECTLY AS WELL, surely you can ask your contact at Cooler Master, we've provided the same information you will have access to through Cooler Master. I would like to use stronger words, but this is a dumpster fire right now. I would like to add we have 0 sales on any Amazon marketplace for the ASINS listed below.

How do we fix this, where do we even begin to get the one account unrestricted and stopping the other one following suit?

I'm happy to not have any listing in my inventory associated with those ASINS, I do not need to reinstate the ASIN, I would like a fully operational account again please.

It's like watching your favourite pub burn down, what are we doing here Amazon?

Case ID - ASIN

9889291772 - ASIN: B00CY8VDAW

9889197002 - ASIN: B07RWJMQW9

9889203152 - ASIN: B08NHW9TJ8

9889089332 - ASIN: B08NHVW71G

9889317452 - ASIN: B08NHVV7SW

9889317482 - ASIN: B0BP26V3YS

9890457642 - ASIN: B08D9J2PSV

9890457652 - ASIN: B08NHW9TJ8

9890458502 - ASIN: B08D9L9XNN

9890458722 - ASIN: B08D9J276H

9890458732 - ASIN: B0BP26V3YS

9890459152 - ASIN: B08NHVW71G

9890461912 - ASIN: B00CY8VDAW

9890462062 - ASIN: B08NHVV7SW

9890462432 - ASIN: B08D9J9QMP

9890462922 - ASIN: B07RWJMQW9

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Transparency Codes - legitimate purchases
by Seller_AeguohPVBc41I

I've purchased goods from a certified U.K based manufacturer, I also have their permission to sell.

Certain variations of the product require 'transparency codes'. However, I do not believe the brand I am selling have Amazon Transparency codes.

Can anyone advise on how I could get this listing up and running, or more information on transparency codes?


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We create listing for the brand after error5461 and 8040 with variation them and send them to FBA. I've been doing this since 2013 on amazon.

After units received at FBA, amazon randomly break the relationship and turns ASINs in to search suppressed. - There is literly NO Change or nothing in these ASINs.

And thn the nightmare begins -

When try to recreate the variation it start giving me same error 5461 and after clearing that one more time, it gives me erro8040 and seller support disapprove the variation which was on the first hand created after approval.

There is literly no help and each answer from seller support makes me feel like crap.

It seems there are some glitches in amazon inventory system and without any concern small seller like me is punished.

@Seller_pcsb5w54JugEA I saw your forrum post and hope you can help me here.


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book pricing.
by Seller_N0kQDKMgwda6y

Can ANYONE make any sense of Amazons pricing policy ? I have had books deactivated for overpricing when it was rare, mine was the only one on Amazon and those few on ABE were £10 more. I was asked to provide a 'reference price' which was presumably the new price in about 1980 !

Now I have had another removed so I looked up the others for sale. Mine was £38. Ther are two at £30, which was not the case when I first listed as I am always the cheapest like for like. But there are three at £80, and the one new copy ( surely their 'reference price' ) is over £200 !

I cant make any sense of it at all. Book prices on Amazon are totally random. I have seen prices ranging from 10 to 200 for the same book and Amazon is mostly happy with it. But when one of the bucket shops puts up a valuable book for a ridiculous price i am suddenly expected to match it. I would rather take it down the charity shop. ( mind you, thats where the bucket shops get some of their books )

Is it just me or does this happen to others ?

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New one on me,

I have been "warned" for copy/pasting responses to seller support

(something we have never ever done)

"Unfortunately, reopening the case and copy pasting responses will not lead to desired outcome and may cause you escalations related to behavior issue."

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I'm having issues with selling globally

My Praent & Child ASINs are showing as fine in the UK but when pushed to my USA store, the ASINS have split and now instead of having 1 Parent with 20 variations i have 20 separate listings but on top of that, it is suppressing these listings (even though i have stock in a USA FBA warehouse) because it says there is an issue with the parent ASIN (which isn't even showing on my USA store)

Does anyone have any tips or solutions to fix this as i have a huge amount of stock on its way to the USA for Prime Day and every time i submit a ticket i am told 'please list a new ASIN' which i can't because the stock is already in the warehouse under those specific asins

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I've recently had a couple of negative customer reviews because the buyer thought the product was a different material to what it actually was.

Unfortunately it seems Amazon have completely overridden what I've contributed on the listing and gone in with their own thing. These are our own brand and until a couple of weeks ago, they were happy to accept what we had contributed.

This is just completely ruining listings as we are getting unnecessary 1* reviews and there's nothing we can do about it.

Can a moderator look into this please? Or does anyone know of a way to get these removed?

Thank you! :)

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I have been having an absolute nightmare with listings being suppressed due to "colour not provided". Some of these listings are two years old and all of a sudden they have become suppressed, even though colour WAS provided. I created all of these listings. I sent an email to the as I suspect this to be a bug as it ONLY happens for brands which are 'brand protected'.

Communication seemed positive until their reason has gone back full circle to this absolute disgrace of a reason. "Our internal team completed to review the issue and determined that the variation relationship is not approved because it does not follow Amazon's listing policy. We cannot share any information about the specifics factors behind the decision due to confidentiality."

CONFIDENTIALITY?! I created the listings! This is no way helpful! I have created over 200 variation listings and this issue only arises to brand protected listings (those with 96 hours approval). I have been back and to, to get approval for these brands again to remove suppresssion, but they keep becoming suppressed. This seems like a bug in Amazons systems and they are unwilling to have their technical team look into this.

If there is an Amazon employee here, please can you reach out

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