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A customer purchased a Ministry Of Sound CD but was disappointed with the DJ party style track mastering. She therefore left a negative feedback rather than a product review. I contacted the customer and offered her an alternative product which she loved. She then tried to remove the original negative feedback but has been completely unable to achieve it despite her spending over an hour on the phone to Amazon buyer customer support. She has also sent me a number of Amazon buyer-seller messages to say she wants to remove the feedback but needs help because she is not up with the technology.

After all of her efforts with buyer customer support, the result was an Amazon message sent by buyer support to me to say that I should remove the feedback? (See below)

"...Dear Amazon Seller, This is Amazon’s Customer Service team. A customer reached out to us with some questions about a purchase they made from you. Here’s a description of the issue:

Product: B0714H5FZH Order number: 205-6165475-6531550 Return requested: No

Reason for contact: cx wants the feedback to be removed , please get this done as soon as possible Please respond to this request within 48 hours. Thanks, Amazon Customer Service..."

I got in touch with Amazon Seller support and they contacted the feedback team but the answer coming back was that yes they can see that the buyer is trying to remove the feedback and has technical difficulties but unfortunately there is "nothing they can do".

Lets face it, the software options are difficult to handle, finding where to remove feedback is not easy to find even when you are experienced and the process of contacting support is being made ever more awkward.

This has been an unbelievable and disappointing experience for both buyer and seller surely Amazon can handle these situations better ?

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A-Z Guarantee claims...out of no where
by Seller_AbNxRoXI4hg4U


I monitor A-Z claims regularly and take action when one appears.....BUT like today I seem to occasionally get a batch of cases decided against me appearing on a single day despite these cases never appearing on my AZ claims page.

I am well withing my limits for such cases but this is frustrating - would rather resolve issues with customers before a claim decision required.

Does anyone have any ideas about where these "ghost" claims come from?


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Order Cancellation
by Seller_hRO7UAJDvJDwK


I had a few orders yesterday - I went to unshipped and bought the shipping. 10 minutes later I went to shipped to check my parcels that were due for delivery and one of the orders I had shipped was marked as Cancelled By Customer ordered in error.

Not being able to see a cancel order option, I refunded the shipping label and then refunded the customer.

I am not stuck with the item in unshipped and now late shipment! Going around in circles with seller support, who have told me to confirm shipment and ask the customer to reuse it or initiate a return?

Seller Support advised me I will have to make do with the late shipment on my account, and it will go away aft a period of time.

Don't suppose anyone else know what to do or if mods can help?

@Seller_iTgjdgiRqiPsn , @Seller_TSXM2A5nxWSuH , @Seller_DNQGSsdC7DccM case 9885353162 and 9888664272


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by Seller_eSc8X5lQq8ZwD

Good Evening All,

A customer of our has sent some returned trainers back to Amazon instead of to us and these are now lost as Amazon won't forward back to us.

How would you recommend dealing with that?

Close return as not received?

Refund and then Safe T?

The Amazon chat has not being overly helpful.

Can you file a Safe T before refunding?

Thanks for your help guys

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There are A-Z's then there are A-Z's
by Seller_GkLry66xQzT9C

Sometimes I am staggered at what people do. We Always try and help customers where we can and our service record shows that but in over 7 years the worse case of buyer manipulation ever. Really not sure what to do so answers on a postcard.

A customer buys a personalised item of clothing and we ship tracked 48 as always within 24 hours. After we shipped the item the customer asks to change the size. We said we would assist the customer where possible to soften the blow of their mistake so contact us when they receive it. The item was delivered 4 days ago. This morning with no further messages and A-Z saying hasn't arrived and 10 minutes later an order in the size they wanted their order changed to. What would you suggest. Clearly I will appeal the A-Z but pointless I guess.

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A to Z claim you could not make it up
by Seller_mSpqTHcPYDHFR

Hi All,

A customer contacted me and told me he was some items missing, I wrote straight back and said I would get the items straight out to him, I then sent another message with the tracking number, he then opened an A to Z claim as he did not see my messages, then read the messages and confirmed it had had all the goods and was very happy and was leaving positive feedback. He even cancelled the A to Z claim, however Amazon decided to do a full refund, but not count against my score. When I appealed the decision pointed out that the customer had received the order in full (copies of messages attached to appeal) and was more than happy. Amazon decided to reject my claim.

The customer has now asked for my bank details so he can pay, you could not make it up, I am sure Amazon do not even read what it written.

Today is my last day with Amazon.

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I kid you not, item delivered at 11:32 this morning, buyer filed an AtoZ claim at 12:01, I refunded seconds later, AtoZ granted against me?!

Amazon = incompetence personified.

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Hi everyone.

I'm an MFN seller. I had a buyer purchase a digital camera from me. Sent with Royal Mail, postage purchased through Amazon.

The buyer opened an A to Z, claiming to have received a broken smart watch rather than the camera. This doesn't sound likely to me. I package and post all orders myself so I know what I sent. I doubt any Royal Mail staff would bother to replace the item with a watch and then deliver it - doesn't really assist their theft in any way. So I'm going on the assumption that the buyer is a scammer.

Amazon allowed the buyer to return this broken watch to me. I photographed and video recorded my opening the parcel. Uploaded this evidence of receiving the wrong item in return to both the A to Z and in a message to the buyer.

Amazon closed the A to Z in favour of the buyer - full refund and defect on my account health.

I appealed the A to Z, summarizing events and providing evidence again. Amazon upheld their decision.

I thought that the next step was to file a SAFE-T claim, however, I receive this message when attempting to open one:

'This order is not eligible for SAFE-T claim. Only VAS orders, Easy Ship orders and MFN Prepaid orders are eligible for SAFE-T claims. Please refer to Amazon SAFE-T Claim Policy for more details.'

Should I be able to file a SAFE-T claim here?

Any suggestions on what I should do next would be appreciated.

I'm hestitant to send an LBA to AMZ due to possible account concequences.

Thanks all.

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help with auto-authorised returns
by Seller_No516SrfKk7pE

I need some advice regarding processing a return request.

I have received a return request for an expensive book, the reason being 'Incompatable or not useful for intended purpose'.

Amazon's guidelines state that this is a situation in which the buyer should fund the return costs.

In the message the green 'auto-authorised' box is ticked, and I am given for options to click on to proceed: 'Edit Authorisation', 'Issue Refund', 'Complete' and 'Contact Buyer'.

Which of four do I click on? How do I know/find out that the buyer will be debited for the cost of the return label?

Also, do Amazon keep their commission on the amount the buyer paid, or will that be returned to me?

Any advice would be welcome. Amazon's voluminous notes on this don't seem to address these questions.

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I’m sure I’ve seen the sentence before. I suspect a drop shipper is looking back through their Amazon orders and if the tracking shows the item as not delivered (frequently the case with Royal Mail 48) they demand a refund using the following wording

”I still have not received my order even though the estimated delivery date has passed. Can you process a full refund for my order no ’

Anyone else seen this?


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