Amazon labeling service selected for 6 SKUs BUT when click Continue ,Amazon picked 4 SKUs for labeling service!


Hi guys , In the process of creating a shipment plan for my 6 SKUs , i Chose SELLER for Prep and clicked CONTINUE .

Then , for labeling , I chose AMAZON for labeling all my 6 SKUs , BUT when i clicked continue , only 4 out of 6 SKUs apear on the next page where AMAZON calculate the labeling fees !! and print label button is greyed out. ( Why not the other 2 ?? I chose labeling service for all 6 !!)

When i clicked CONTINUE again , the 2 absent SKUs re-apeared and amazon asked me to put the number of labels i want and the print label button was activated again .

why ?? I want all my 6 SKUs be labeled by AMAZON .

Anyone here has experienced this before or have any information about it .

Thanks in Advance .


Hi again . Here is one more screenshot to explain the situation .
I am wondering why AMAZON didn’t pick the 2 SKUs for labeling service .

And i have checked that these 2 SKUs are fullfiled by Amazon .


The quick answer is that Amazon will not label some items themselves and require the seller to do it. I’ve pasted their policy below, but it’s worth noting that this is a policy which they seem to play pretty fast and loose with.



Products eligible for the FBA Label Service must:

  • Be in new condition only
  • Be classified as non-media
  • Not be prohibited, restricted or high-value
  • Have a single scannable barcode (GCID, UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN)

Important: If there is no eligible Manufacturer barcode on the item, you must apply a barcode label to the item yourself.

Amazon will, at our sole discretion, determine which products meet the eligibility requirements for the FBA Label Service. We reserve the right to disqualify products from this service that otherwise meet the above requirements.


Hi Demel . Thanks for your reply .

The thing is that there are all same category and all meet the above eligibility criteria .

So i am confused .

Any other thoughts is appreciated .



As i said, within this policy Amazon explicitly give themselves the ability to decide what they will and won’t label.


You might want to consider using EAN’s rather than labelling as well.
I positively refuse to pay amazon any extra money for things such as this, they charge far too much anyway. But comingled inventory has it’s advantages as well as it’s downfalls. The biggest of which, you just stick them in a case and send them.
Disadvantages include actually mixing your stock with others, but if it’s your own line etc, then that’s not going to happen.


@Neil I got your point . I am wondering why AMAZON didn’t pick all the stock for Labeling service !! maybe they have a minimum quantity per SKU ?

The SKUs that they left behind has 60 units each . maybe this could be the reason ?


You could always try asking them why. I doubt you’ll get a sensible answer though. Otherwise I’d suggest channeling your energy into things you have the power to change.


The reason really doesn’t matter at the end of the day.
It really isn’t worth thinking about. So just work around it, that’s all you can do.
Hence why I suggested Commingling.
But to be honest, labelling really doesn’t take that long to do. Time wise, I would definitely say 28.80 is not worth it! :slight_smile:
I can literally get through thousands of items labelled in a relatively short time. Just takes a bit of practice.



I agree with you guys .
Because i am new on Amazon Fba ,

1/ I thought maybe this is a system error that could be corrected .

2/ I also thought maybe i have done something wrong that has triggered this !! (Although i have checked everything and could not find any )

There is this fellow that has an amazon tutorial course that i am using and he didn’t know about this too .

He actually told me to try to contact amazon .

Maybe i just do the labeling .

Thank you guys .