Anyone ship pallets regularly to UK Fulfilment centres?


I’ve not shipped a pallet to FBA before (done a couple as a vendor) but I wish to do so soon.

I’ve been checking the pallet specs and they, to me, seem a little bizarre. 1200x1000 4-way pallet is no problem. Got loads of them.

But then they specify either GMA pallets or CHEP ones

GMA, the ones with 3 bottom deckboards between the notches, I’ve never seen in 13 years of being in business and handling 1000s of pallets.

CHEP - The blue ones, I’ve seen but they aren’t that common. I’m sure these ones belong to CHEP though and you can’t buy them. As Amazon won’t return them I’m not sure how that would work?

Does anyone know how strict they are on the pallet specifications? I have a load of the lighter duty ones like this -



We’ve sent 100’s of pallets, have sent pallets like the example you gave and never had a problem.

We just make sure they are not damaged in any way.


Nice one, thanks very much. Just what I wanted to hear!