Best way to find the top selling items?


What is the best way to find the top selling items/listings by …

Category and/or name of Item, say “Apple” or “IPhone” or “phone” “iphone 8” etc etc

Especially for the many duplicated items out there


You can find the top 100 by just clicking the sales rank in any category/sub category but,you will find the vast majority of top 100’s will be sold by Amazon


Usually, the top selling items either already have hundreds of sellers offering them for sale or are restricted to authorized resellers so if you are looking for some profitable products to sell on Amazon, I would advise you to look elsewhere.


I’m looking for items in my categories with a view to FBA them, just need to know what are the top sellers, Amazon (so far) do not take much of an interest as it’s fairly niche.


You might want to try using
It gives you an idea of what something will sell.


I can’t seem to get that to work, it is only telling me how many units the top selling item would sell that month but not what the item is.


It’s not about telling you which item it is, but about the number of sales, at the rank your choosing, for whichever category your looking at.
It’s a useful tool for predicting what you can sell, within reason.


If you could find a list of most items that get an A-Z for not arrived. Fairly certain that would be the top selling items.


You would think there would be an easy way to find out this info.

For instance if I wanted to start selling blenders you’d think that would be straightforward to find the best selling blender?
Or for listings that have duplicates to find out which is the best selling listing for say an “XYZ123” Blender?

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