Brands: New Premium A+ content promotion


Sellers who have registered as a Brand Owner with Amazon Brand Registry are now eligible for Premium A+ content at no cost for an extended promotional period.

Premium A+ content offers new and larger module types in the product description section on the product detail page such as video, image carousels, and interactive hotspots. Implementing Premium A+ content can increase your sales by 20%.

During the promotional period, you can publish Premium A+ content for all registered ASINs using A+ content manager.

If you have published A+ brand story across your ASIN catalogue and have had at least 15 A+ content projects approved in the past 12 months, for each Amazon store, you are eligible for Premium A+ content.

Access for Premium A+ is granted at the end of each month. If you meet the criteria, you will see a banner in the A+ content manager for access.

For more information on A+ content, Premium A+, and to find out if you are eligible, go to Get started with A+ content.

Note: If we announce a fee for Premium A+ content we will invite you to opt in.

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