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Effective May 19, 2022, bladed articles which require age verification under the new Offensive Weapons Act 2019, including kitchen knives and chef’s knives, will no longer be permitted to list on through seller-fulfilled orders. For a full list of age-restricted bladed articles, go to Listing guidelines for bladed products.



Can you please make sure that items for use with fancy dress costumes, such as plastic pirate swords are not included.


Amz somehow think that FBA ensure knives are delivered ok.

Ref these items, I have bought FBA, only a few times, but each time those items are left on my door, not even delivered to a person, as I’ve been out.

When kitchen knives, and chef knives, even if they ensure a person over 18 has them, it means nothing. Perhaps teach people to eat with chop-sticks and chefs rip meat apart?!?

Why not have trackable bladed items, with serial numbers, and judges to jail anyone using a knife.

If all delivered by a proper service anyway, that is all that is legally required, and Amz are worse at ensuring this is enforced, a Seller is highly liable if not sent correctly, so they will make sure using a proper courier. Why did they not say only use Buy Shipping as that would have ensured the correct shipping service used.


I am trying to list butter knifes which are not sharp but i have flaged them UK_18 _knife fulfilled by Amazon but still my listing is getting in blocked status . I have contacted SS they told me to upload product detail by flat file which i have done but still my listing in blocked status anyone here facing the same issue please help to resolve issue.

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