Dayparting vs Running Ads All Day


My campaign works more efficiently at certain times of the day. I never stop my ad campaign by following a recommendation I received before. I hope this will positively affect the campaign score and the algorithm.

But in another article I read, I also saw a strategy called “dayparting”. This strategy is based on determining peak hours and running the ad campaign only during these hours and avoiding high CPC hours.

Which of these two strategies do you think makes more sense? I appreciate any help you can provide.


I am also experimenting with this. I think it depends on the product. Some products, for example those purchased by commuters, may find sales more likely during lunch time, evening train commuter time, and then evenings. Products aimed at new Mothers may work better running all night when Mums are awake nursing? I think each Seller has to work out a strategy based on the product and likely purchaser. I don’t think there is one set rule.


I tend to find to that i receive more orders on the evening so my strategy is to set the budget at £1.00 until the evening time then increase the budget rather than stopping. Anyone do the same? thanks


Nice idea - I’ll give that a try!


That’s a great idea as I’m finding that I’m running out of budget within hours… I assume I have to do this manually every day or is there a way round it?


yes its manual…not sure of any other way tbh


I’ll give it a go

I find amazon advertising very expensive… have you found any other platforms cheaper IE Google ads , facebook etc?


hey, ive only tried amazon sponsored. now using the sponsored brands video which is proving to be half the CPC which is positive


I’ll take a look, thanks for the info


Hi, something else i did develop in MS Excel was a time of purchase report using the Orders reporting data, it gave me the insight i needed to understand when people are purchasing my products from a day and time specifically. This then drives when i run a campaign during a period of time in the day. Give it a try. thanks.


Great advice - thank you , I’ll go find the info.

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