Extension of FBA fee promotion for minimum order quantity


The FBA fee promotion for minimum order quantity has been extended until March 31, 2023.

This promotion applies to FBA domestic, Pan-European FBA and European Fulfilment Network fulfilment fees, when minimum order quantity is enabled for the listing. This promotion is not cumulative with other per-unit fee discount promotions. The most favourable discount will be applied.

For more information, go to FBA fee discount for minimum order quantity.


its Hikmat here im new on amazon plateform could you plz guide me further about my first FBA shipment do a charge apply for a small quantity of product or its free ?


I would like to see this promotion extended not just to items with a min order quantity but to items where the seller offers multiple item discounts. We could then make it more attractive for customers to buy multiple low value items for which the shipping price is the primary cost of the item.

This is one of the major failures of the FBA system, the shipping charge on each unit is duplicated even when they are shipped in the same package which is bad for the customer and does not encourage the efficiencies of multiple items. Just from a carbon perspective, Amazon should be encouraging customers to get fewer, larger deliveries.

The only explanation I have is that Amazon have run the data on this and it results in less profits for them somewhere down the line.


This is the whole purpose of small and light but if you have customers buying multiple small and light then it is no longer small and light.

If you sell goods whereby customers tend to buy in bulk then think about bulking the items together and selling them in job lots.
Remember when customers are buying from fulfillment centres they maybe buying from a single or multiple sellers so there is no way to proportion the postage and costs fairly.

The fba fee from Amazon to send a single small item is less than the cost for me to send myself so Amazon do discount singular item but probably pick up some extra revenue when bulking together.


They charge for the UPS shipment, you’ll occur a rather hefty fee if you send little. We sent boxes full to keep the fee relatively low.

There are lots of videos on Youtube and Amazon university on how to set it up. Once you get the hang it can be relatively straight forward.

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