FBA Export Fee charged on FBA order


Hi there. I have just had a look at an order that was sent from UK FBA to Spain. I saw there was a refund on there for £100. I spoke to Seller Support and they advised me this was for the “Export fee”.

Am I right by saying the customer should be the one who should pay any export fees, and not the seller?


I you talking about using EFN? If that is the case, I was under the impression that these kind of fees are included.
I’d suggest that you go look at the T&C’s for EFN, as it has changed a fair bit since last time it was rolled out.


The strange thing is I don’t have EFN enabled in my FBA settings, therefore it would be FBA Export?

While I was in the FBA settings, I took the decision to disable all sales to the EU as they only count for a small percentage of my sales.


Ok, if it’s FBA export, then according to their own blurb, there should be no extra charges.
Take a look at:


Specifically, the paragraph:

FBA Shipping Programmes and Export (‘FBA Export’) allows you to fulfil orders of eligible products on Amazon.co.uk to a postal address that is not within the UK. With this programme, you can expand your business to more than 80 countries without dealing with the complexities of selling internationally, at no additional cost or effort for you.

You need to chase them for the money back. But you also need to clarify just how exactly it has been sold.


Many thanks for your help Neil.

I know I am not the first to be confused by all this, and sadly I wont be the last, but having guys like yourself around that can understand the blurb better than a lot of us and help us minions is most appreciated.


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