First time shipping and listing stock and need help


Hi I am planning on shipping some stuff to an amazon FBA. I’m new here and only registered so can someone please explain the step by step process to me with regard to getting your stock delivered to the FBA then listed.

Any help will be appreciated as I’m totally overwhelmed at the moment


Nobody is going to give you a step by step guide on how to sell on Amazon.
You need to go through seller university and get the basics first.


Was just going to post the exact same advice.

@Walshes_Weights - You need to read Seller University carefully - everything you need to know is there.
Do NOT send any goods in to FBA until all aspects of your seller account is fully verified - personal info, business info and banking details.


Seller University? okay that’s great ill go there and get the instructions.

Thanks :+1:


Link is at the bottom of your homepage under ‘Learn’ - there is a huge section all about FBA.


I would look at selling without fba before taking the plunge, lot’s to learn and you can easily get stung early on without realising all the ins and outs of selling on Amazon.