Handmade Monthly Newsletter — May Edition


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Important reminders, tips and tricks for our Handmade makers!

Social Media Tips

Video is trending! Amazon Handmade Social team wants to encourage sellers to share video content about your products! Idea starters include behind the scenes of your process, products in use and storytelling around the origins of your handmade goods. Best practices include using good lighting, filming in a clutter-free space and limiting the video to 30 seconds or less! Tag us @amazonhandmade or use #AmazonHandmade for a chance to be featured on our social channel.​​​​​​

Do you have suppressed ASINs?

Many sellers aren’t even aware that they have listings that are not showing up in search results.

There are several reasons why this happens — main images are not on a white background, listing is missing required catalog attributes such as product descriptions, brand, or unit count, or you might be using restricted words/phrases like an email address or URL.

The Fix Your Products report in Seller Central provides you with a one-stop shop for identifying suppressed ASINs and making corrections.

We recommend that you review it regularly so your sales aren’t impacted!

Amazon Advertising Webinars

Did you know? Sponsored Products can help you improve your products discoverability and increase sales. Register for the upcoming webinars from Amazon Advertising team to find out how to create your first campaign or how to optimise your current campaigns.

Add Bullet Points!

Think about the last time you purchased something on Amazon – were you casually browsing items or did you know exactly what you wanted?

If you are like most people, you come to Amazon to find a specific item and when you do, you are skimming information to find just the right thing. The easier you make it to consume that information, the easier it is for them to make a buying decision. This holds true for Product Titles, Product Descriptions, and Bullet Points.

Bullet Points make this process easier because they highlight key features, benefits, and selling points in a quick, digestible format and we recommend that you have 4-5 bullet points for each listing.

What are good bullet point practices?

  • Order your bullets by importance.
  • Keep your bullet points clear and concise , so avoid over-stuffing your bullet points with keywords and other content.
  • Bullet points should be quick facts about your product – materials, dimensions, appropriate age ranges, benefits, or even warnings.
  • Don’t exceed 15 words/500 characters for each bullet point or 1,000 characters total.

What should you avoid when creating bullet points?

  • NO pricing information, shipping details, or information about you/your company.
  • NO marketing or advertising-like content.
  • NO HTML or fancy codes.
  • NO run-on sentences.

Pro Tip: Bullet points can be removed from your detail page when they violate any of these standards, so be sure to review your detail pages frequently!

More information on bullet points can be found here.

Getting to know our Handmade Family


I love sewing and started my craft after I had my first kid. I want some unique baby products and accessories for my kid and thus I tried to make it myself. When I created a lot of products, I started to sell them online. My products are sold globally including UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I am eager to introduce my products to more people. I made all sewing products by myself including Tote bags, sun protection hat, scarf, pencil case and hair accessories. My products are suitable for birthday and baby shower gift as well. I source the high quality fabric from different countries and design and sew all products. I do hope you will love them.