Help needed regarding Amazon request for Toy Safety information


Hello all
Can anyone offer advice? I received the below email from Amazon this afternoon concerning one ASIN. The product in question actually shouldn’t be listed under Toys and Games category - it is a set of children’s activity books, more akin to Stationary I should think. Being books; the item doesn’t have a CE mark, nor can I get a EC Declaration of Conformity as requested by Amazon due to the fact it isn’t a toy.

Can anyone offer advise on this at all how I should respond?



We are contacting you as part of our screening program to ensure Toys products on Amazon website meet specified certification standards.
As a result, you must provide the required safety documentation no later than 27th September 2019.

In order to continue to sell below ASINs:
on Amazon, please see the following Help Page for information on safety document requirements and how to submit them:

By applying to sell these products, you certify that all the information you submit is true.
Thank you for doing business with Amazon!

Amazon Services Europe

Note for FBA Sellers: If you have Toys ASINs, inventory in our fulfilment centers that has not been approved by 27th September 2019 request a removal within 30 days. Instructions for creating a removal order can be found at:
Standard FBA Return Fees or FBA Disposal Fees will apply.


I received one of these as well listing 3 lego sets I sell. I sent a message to Amazon as I can’t believe these are genuine. Surely all Lego sets are compliant and if they want the information regarding this they should get it from Lego!


Just had a list of about 30 for Schleich, Papo and Bullyland figures, does not make any sense these are sold against their original listings and most of them are out of stock as they are deleted by the manufacturer.


This is likely one of Amazon’s heavy-handed attempts at stopping cheap knock-offs. (read: Chinese imports)

Send Seller support a message asking them to update the product browse node, it must be in a sub-category of “toys and games” currently.


Same here, amazon is being a nightmare now.

As with the whole ‘’ Suspected Intellectual Property Violations’’ thing going on now, i suspect this is the same thing. Essenciallythe brand name has not been correctly set, which is why you see random lego sets picked, even though lego obviously meets requirments.

So, i dont know what to do really, another load of rubbish from amazon.


You are the retailer, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything you sell is legal and safe.


You are right, however the brand owner, lets say Lego, would have all the information required, of course we can ask to see it.

Now that Lego product could have 20 sellers, each of those sellers now need to contact Lego to get that information and upload it to Amazon.

Why don’t Amazon go directly to Lego to get the information, all they need off the seller is an Invoice showing the product - yes i know there will be a million excuses why an invoice cant be provided, but this would be a better solution.

We have had this sort of request from Amazon Australia for some TY products and the normal certificates provided by Ty have been rejected, we just don’t bother selling them on Amazon AU.


Because their job is to ensure that you are selling safe items. Sure, that might work for Lego as a huge brand, but what about the other thousands of other branded and non-branded items that are sold. Should they go and get those too? It is a process.


With that i agree, and if it is a well known branded range, then get the information once from the company itself, for the re-sellers, we just need to prove that we got our stock from a reliable source via an Invoice.

Whilst we will all get on with it, its another example of sledgehammer to crack a nut!!

All the ASIN’s on my list are from well known branded products, will probably leave it a week to contact them for the certificates as they will be inundated and hopefully will have it all ready.


Once the category has been updated, will I be allowed to continue to sell?


No idea, I have just checked one of the ASINs I have been sent and Amazon are selling the item on Prime, makes no sense to me any of it, seems completely random.


I have also been asked to provide info about a sheet of stickers, last week I was hit with 3 suspected property rights violation with same brand of stickers most infuriating amazon also sell same product range, from same manufacturer.

When wearing my I love Amazon hat I can understand why they do this but suspect it is more about Amazon Phishing for suppliers of products at our time and expense


Dito … the issue I had last week my supplier provided a copy of their GS1 cerification and varified amazon were selling same product.

Its not random we are under attack by Amazon robots


I think 90% of the ASINs I have been asked to supply information for I do not have any stock and they are inactive, some I have not had for over a year at least. So therefore how do I supply a photograph of the item?


We’ve received this also but the ASIN in question is an item we have never actually sold or even held - we were going to sell the product and added it to our inventory but the distributor sold to another buyer by mistake and it was the last of the stock.


Ridiculous, problem is you have to provide information or Amazon are going to assume the following:


If you do not submit the required information, we will consider that failure as admission that the product was not compliant with the certification standards, so we recommend submitting the information even if you do not intend to continue selling the product.


@Kika would you be able to clarify; if I get the category changed on this ASIN, I will no longer have to provide the requested information?


Have the same problem. Most of the items on the list they sent me I have never sold. But I might. If I find a distributor selling it for the price I want to buy it, then yes I would like to sell it on Amazon. Are the expecting us to be fortune tellers. And how are we suppose to get information for those items?


Once your listing gets flagged by Amazon, regardless of what you do, you will be required to provide the requested information.