How often do odr metrics update


hi any ideas on how often odr metrics are updated anyone?


Normally, every single day. There are times when they are frozen for 1-2 weeks but these are connected to site-wide technical problems.

The current ODR window is 10-Mar-2019 - 08-May-2019.


my odr crept above 1% at the beginning of may . before the 8th . will it stay like this for 2 months now?


You would need to look at the order dates of the sales which resulted in defects to be able to tell, when they will drop off.


We have found it quite common for ODR metrics to be several days late in adjustments, e.g. 60 day metrics not showing correctly until day 65. But then we have also found that it can take a couple of days for adverse metrics to show up in the ODR after an acknowledged defect, so one might argue that it kind of cancels out.