How on earth do you reconcile using the VAT Calculations report?



Recently I switched on the VAT Calculation service. I read all the pros and cons from various posts on these forum and was prepared for extra difficulties when it comes to reconcile. Thought I’d figure it out but I am stumped! How do you reconcile the VAT Calculations report against the fortnightly disbursement?

Missing settlement id
Before, I’d simply run a date range report which crucially included ‘settlement id’. This was by far the easiest way to reconcile. All the entries under that one settlement id would tally up perfectly to the disbursement figure. Unfortunately settlement is not included in the VAT Calculations report.

No time stamp
I thought I’d try grouping all entries together via date and time stamp to match that of disbursement, but no time stamp is included within VAT Calculations report either. As disbursements are at random times, for example Oct 31, 2019 10:27 - Nov 14, 2019 10:27, without time stamp I cannot simply sum the totals from Oct 31 to Nov 14 as it will include some sales within that sum that shouldn’t be there and therefore won’t reconcile correctly.

How then do you reconcile using the VAT Calculations report please?

Thank you


At an abstract level, what are you trying to reconcile?

As you say, actual movement of money is not a fixed even with Amazon and does not correlate to transactions/sales specifically.

I’d advise you to treat the two separately. Actual payment dates from Amazon don’t affect anything other than cashflow, whereas VAT reports affect invoicing dates and reporting periods.

Lastly, your previous payments reports will still presumably work if you are just looking to reconcile sales with disbursements?


I use XERO for bookkeeping and Link My Books for reconciling my Amazon disbursements.


We use Xero and some software called Weava which does everything in a few clicks.


Why do you want to reconcile vat calculations with disbursements?
Vat is included in the total selling price and disbursements are the net cash remitted from Amazon after all expenses, I do hope you are not paying your vat based on the disbursed totals, you will owe HMRC a lot of money.

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