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Hi guys!

Somebody recently left me a decent 4* review however commented some false information about my product that totally goes against what my USP is. I’m not sure why they have said it, I don’t think it is malicious at all, but it goes entirely against what my product is trying to achieve. Does anybody have any suggestions about what I can do about this. Thanks :slight_smile:


he gave 4 at one purchase ?


No, they have left me a 4 star review, however they have written false information about my product which is essentially goes against my selling point of buying my brand! I just don’t want people to read this and be put off by the comment as it is not true :confused:


Someone says in past " the customer never happies" if you giving the product even free someone has complains on it
so be brave you have your brand it faces returns ,negative review many other problems and you have to survive
hope for good


I’d be happy to get a 4 star review, if I were you and not try to get it removed, as you will likely get some 1, 2 or 3 star reviews in the future, I’m sure, everyone does, then you will have been grateful for this review as it is quite acceptable to Amazon and won’t stop Buy Box wins, etc.

It may not be the ideal review for you, but unless you know who it is, then you cannot do a lot about it.


Cheers for replying, yeah that makes sense! I suppose it’s better than the lower starred reviews overall. No, I have no idea who it is without manually going through all of the orders and even so I am better accepting it for what it is :slight_smile:

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