Mismatch of ASIN showing unfulfillable under FBA inventory but also received and located


This is our 4th time sending inventory to Amazon. All previous 3 shipments were fully received fine with no issues. For this 4th shipment, it is still showing as receiving status, with some ASINs partially received, and some others fully received.

There is one ASIN (we sent in 8 units) under the shipment contents summary showing as ‘Units located. No action required.’. But when we look under FBA inventory it is saying that the ASIN is unfulfillable (Defective) for all 8 units.

Grateful for any advice, or is this just a case of waiting for the shipment to be fully received - before worrying about any investigation?


If the units are showing as defective, then they have found some sort of issue with them.
You will more than likely have to wait until the shipment is eligible for investigation to do anything with it.
You just need to open a case and ask them why. Which sounds simple enough, but it never is! You will no doubt get fobbed off a few times before actually getting an answer out of them, but do persevere as your only other option, will be to return the goods.


Hello @ MLE,

Thank you for reaching out!

Did you open a case with the Seller Support as advised by @Neil?

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The shipment is not eligible for investigation yet. When I try to raise a case with Seller Support it says

Your Shipment ID is not yet eligible for investigation.

We are currently processing your shipment and expect all items to be received by end of day 28/02/2023.

No investigation will be started until after 28/02/2023. If there are discrepancies in your shipment at that time, you can request an investigation via the Reconcile page for your shipment.

For this ASIN (we sent in 8 units) under the shipment contents summary it is still showing as ‘Units located. No action required.’. And now, under FBA inventory it is not saying that the ASIN is unfulfillable (Defective) for all 8 units, but these 8 units aren’t showing as available for sale, or that they are either FC transfer etc. So they seem lost?


An update on this shipment and ASIN.

I’ve just received a email from Amazon saying that the products were marked as defective because they don’t have transparency labels affixed. I took a photo of this shipment before it left our offices (showing the transparency labels clearly affixed on the front of the packaging).

I’ve sent such photo to Amazon support, hoping that they re-check this products and accept them


Providing a further update, whilst we are still waiting to hear from Amazon support regarding the issue reported in the previous post of all items of a particular ASIN showing as ‘Unfulfillable Inventory’.

This is our 4th FBA shipment, and we’ve never had any issues like this before.

However, the remaining ASINs on this shipment have now also been received, and some of the items have been received fully and are available for sale, but some other items of the same ASIN are showing as ‘Unfulfillable Inventory’. For example the first ASIN on this list we sent in 3 items, 1 is for sale and 2 showing as unfulfillable inventory


If I check the ASIN inventory history it shows

What is going on here?


I opened a case with Seller Support (even though the shipment is not eligible for investigation until after today), about these 8 items being marked as defective. The response was

Having checked with our internal team I found out that your Inventory was recalled/removed by Product compliance team and moved to Unfulfillable.

Please understand units may be marked Defective for a number of reasons – in some cases such as Recalls, sellers will receive a notification about the action taken. Once units are in Defective status, sellers have the ability to remove them from the FC.

Even we cannot determine the exact reason behind it as we don’t have the enough information regarding it, mostly it might be due to not adhering to Amazon’s policies.

In regards to this I would like to request you to kindly please try to create a removal order for the remaining inventory. This is a requirement before a request for reinstatement of a recalled ASIN can be considered.

I am going to wait until tomorrow to open a shipment investigation because as I mentioned something isn’t right. For example, we sent a quantity of 3 for another SKU (in the same shipment). Amazon has received one item which is for sale, but the other two are being marked as defective. Doesn’t make sense at all.

Has anyone else ever had these sorts of issues.


The support case for the 8 items being marked as defective has been resolved. It appears the transparency labels affixed on the units (provided by the supplier) were for a different product. We’ve requested a removal order for these 8 units.

But we still have the issue with the other units, many of these aren’t enrolled in the Brand registry and as such don’t require the transparency labels - so this appears to be a different issue.

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